Taiwan’s Men’s Volleyball Team at the Hangzhou Asian Games: Missed Chance for Top Six, Chen Jianzhen’s Influence, and Future Prospects

2023-09-22 10:00:00

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The Taiwanese team in the men’s volleyball event of the Hangzhou Asian Games lost to the Indian team in the top 12 on the 22nd and missed the chance to advance to the top six. Taiwan team Chen Chien-chen (right) spiked the ball during the game and scored 7 points for the team.Photographed by Central News Agency reporter Zheng Qingyuan on September 22, 112

(Central News Agency reporter Yang Qifang, Hangzhou, 22nd) The Hangzhou Asian Games men’s volleyball team of Taiwan missed the top six today. Four-time Asian Games veteran “Black Dog” Chen Jianzhen said that after the men’s volleyball team changed its blood, young players still need experience, and he also has a certain influence on the future of these juniors. Looking forward to it, whether there will be another one depends on the situation.

“Black Dog” Chen Jianzhen is a senior player in the 4th Asian Games. He participated in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2014 Incheon Asian Games, and 2018 Jakarta Asian Games. Although he announced his retirement from the national team after the last Asian Games, he returned to the international team this year after being persuaded by captain Dai Ruqian. game, and stood on the Asian Games stage for the fourth time.

The Taiwan team lost to India in the top 12 today and missed the chance to advance to the top six. They could only strive for the best result of seventh place. After the game, Chen Jianzhen said that there were too many conditions and mistakes on the field today, and they were not corrected immediately. “Actually, there were many opportunities at the beginning today, including catching up in the 2nd and 3rd games, but we were pulled away due to consecutive mistakes. , this is a point that the Taiwan team needs to overcome in the future.”

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This time, there are five players in the men’s volleyball team who were part of the bronze-winning team at the Asian Games in Jakarta. However, Chen Jianzhen pointed out that because there are still more young players coming through, the situation is a little more unstable. “It still takes some time for the young students to accumulate experience and meet more times.” Once the situation is resolved, we can immediately make corrections on the field in the future.”

Chen Jianzhen mentioned that young players including Zhang Yusheng have always wanted to compete, “but he himself was too impatient. Otherwise, he was very outstanding in attacking and receiving serve during the Asian Championships. This Asian Games is obviously a bit too impatient. He really wants to compete.” Helping the team is his own issue.”

When asked whether this was his last Asian Games, Chen Jianzhen said with reservation: “It depends on whether he will continue to play, but 36 years old in three years will be too old. I really don’t know.” Chen Jianzhen said frankly, Sometimes I feel that becoming an assistant coach can help the players more, “But when I encounter a situation, I feel like I have to be on the court, so I don’t know, but I will still become a coach one day.”

There is no way to break through the results of the previous year this time. Chen Jianzhen has expectations for the juniors. “Most of the juniors have not realized what direction they want to go, because there is still a gap in the mentality of professional players and representative teams.” Chen Jianzhen pointed out that professional players Players need to be competitive. “If you don’t perform well, you will be eliminated. But in Taiwan, you can’t feel the ambition of your juniors, and there is no sense of threat of being replaced.” (Editor: Chen Zhengwei) 1120922

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Chen Jianzhen

Asian Games Taiwan men’s volleyball team swept away the haze in the first game and defeated Mongolia to advance to the top 12. The Asian Games men’s volleyball team lost to Pakistan in the first game on the 21st and fought against Mongolia to advance.

Zhang Yusheng

Asian Men’s Volleyball Challenge Cup Taiwan competes with the Philippines for ninth place on the 15th

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