Taiwan’s Military Modernization Amidst Growing Chinese Threat – Exclusive Subscriber Content

2023-11-12 19:49:35


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The Taiwan authorities are accelerating the modernization and reform of their armed forces, in particular to take into account an increasingly aggressive and unpredictable Chinese threat, as the head of Taiwanese diplomacy points out.

The khaki cap is screwed on the head. Under the visor, the gaze is far-reaching. The arms are crossed, in the posture of one who watches. He stands ready, waiting firmly for the new recruits. The soldier sits on the corner of a street in Taipei, on a large poster hanging on the facade of a building not far from the Taiwanese presidency. The army is recruiting. She is looking for “new talents” for her “national forces” and “waiting for candidates”, trumpets the poster with giant symbols that spring from the wall to appeal to the street.

The Armed Forces Recruitment Center is in action. Taiwan has begun strengthening its troops in earnest. “War is certainly not imminent or inevitable, but the threat is very real, so we must prepare for it,” said Joseph Wu, the Taiwanese Minister of Foreign Affairs during a meeting with the foreign press in Taipei and the moment when China is increasing pressure at sea and in the air. And increasingly undermines the status quo around Taiwan which is preparing for presidential elections

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