Taiwan’s Premier League Becomes “Ghost League”

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The corona virus also has a firm grip on sport. It is still completely unclear when it will go on in the major European leagues. An overview of the current developments.

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The Bundesliga paused, the sport stopped. The reason is the corona virus, the spread of which is to be contained by this drastic measure. The t-online.de news blog contains all the important information about the latest developments. Large messages are handled separately.

++ All current developments around the corona virus in sport ++

March 29: Taiwan’s Premier League becomes “Ghost League”

Taiwanese football is starting with a “ghost league” in the face of the Corona crisis. The Premier League with eight teams will go on schedule on April 12, the national association CTFA announced – but to the exclusion of spectators.

Only players, coaches, coaches and selected officials should be allowed to enter the stadiums. Fever measurements and disinfection measures are mandatory, the league should be interrupted immediately in the first Corona case.

March 29: Former Spanish international Capon died of virus

Former Spanish international and long-time Atletico Madrid professional, Jose Luis Capon, is the second prominent victim in Spanish football to have succumbed to the corona virus. The former defender died of Covid-19 at the age of 72. A week ago, long-time Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz had died of the corona infection.

In 1974, Capon was part of the Atletico team that lost 0: 4 at the Heysel Stadium in the final of the European Champion Clubs’ Cup in Brussels after the 1-1 in the first duel against Bayern Munich in the replay.

March 29: Record Turkish player hospitalized

Turkish football is worried about its record international Rüstü Recber. As his wife announced on Instagram, the 46-year-old ex-goalkeeper was hospitalized after a positive coronavirus test.

“The symptoms developed extremely quickly after everything was fine. These are critical and difficult times,” wrote Isil Recber, who, like the two children together, was tested negatively.

Rüstü had played 120 caps for Turkey during his active career, at the 2002 World Cup he also achieved hero status through the semi-finals in his home country. Except for one season at FC Barcelona, ​​he was under contract with clubs in Turkey.

March 29: AS Roma invites 5,000 doctors and nurses to their first home game

The Italian first division club AS Roma want to dedicate the first home game to fans in the medical field after the end of the Corona crisis. The club presented an extensive program on its website. Among other things, 5,000 tickets are to be distributed to hospital staff and doctors.

A portion of the other ticket revenue is also expected to flow into the Roma campaign, which collects money for medical devices in the Italian capital. According to the association, more than half a million euros have already been raised in the fundraising campaign. The action is embedded in the “Heroes” program by AS Rom. It is dedicated to those who are the real heroes at the moment.

March 29: US sports mogul tested positive for corona virus

US businessman James Dolan, owner of the New York Knicks (NBA) and New York Rangers (NHL), has tested positive for the corona virus. The 64-year-old showed “little to no” symptoms and had quarantined at home, the Knicks said late Saturday.

Both the basketball league NBA and the ice hockey league NHL have interrupted their game operations due to the corona crisis. With more than 52,000 cases and 670 deaths, the state of New York has been particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic.

March 28: Juventus professionals forego a salary of 90 million euros

The Italian soccer record champions Juventus Turin have reached an agreement with their players around superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and the coaching team around Maurizio Sarri in the course of the corona crisis to waive their wages. As the “old lady” announced on Saturday, the savings from the agreement for the current financial year amount to 90 million euros. Salaries for March, April, May and June are affected. Detailed agreements with each individual should be made in the coming weeks.

“Juventus would like to thank the players and the coach for their commitment,” wrote the club. If the current pausing season continues, new negotiations should be held. In the end, Serie A had thought about a 30 percent cut in the wages of all professionals if play operations were not to resume. No decision has yet been taken in this regard.

March 28: FC Barcelona donates 30,000 protective masks

Spanish top division FC Barcelona have supplied 30,000 protective masks to the Catalan government to help fight the Corona crisis. The club announced on Saturday. The masks were produced in China and donated by the Taiping company, it said in a message. The insurance is one of the association’s sponsors for the Chinese market.

March 28: Danish international probably escapes Corona from Spain

According to media reports, the Danish football professional Pione Sisto fled from Spain to his home country without the permission of his club Celta Vigo from the Corona crisis. He must now face a penalty from his club, as the Danish news agency Ritzau reported, citing Spanish media. There was no official confirmation from Celta Vigo on Saturday.

According to the Spanish sports newspaper “AS”, the 25-year-old offensive player traveled by car from the city of Vigo to Copenhagen, almost 3000 kilometers away, after having been in quarantine in Spain for 14 days. He is said to have informed the first division club only when he was already on the way.

March 28: AS Roma sends aid packages to older fans

The Italian first division club AS Roma takes care of its oldest supporters in times of the corona crisis. Every season ticket holder aged at least 75 received a package from the three-time master on Saturday as part of the “Roma Cares” campaign, which included: basic foods such as pasta, rice, flour, sugar, olive oil and mineral water, as well as disinfectants, face masks and disposable gloves .

“The oldest members of our society are particularly vulnerable at the moment every time they leave the house for shopping,” said the club: “With the support of its sponsors, the club has therefore sent four trucks through the city and beyond. “

The oldest season ticket holder, Eliseo Lorenzetti, also received a shirt signed by Roma striker Edin Dzeko (formerly VfL Wolfsburg). Lorenzetti was born in 1923, four years before the AS Roma was founded.

March 27: Barca cuts Stars’ salary

After the failure of negotiations on a salary waiver with its stars, FC Barcelona cut the team and many employees’ working hours and thus their wages. The Spanish football champion justified the interference in the contracts with the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. According to Spanish law, companies can use such means in the event of force majeure. Previously, the club had not reached agreement with the superstar Lionel Messi professionals about a voluntary cut in salaries, as reported by the Spanish media.

The Spanish league has also temporarily suspended game operations due to the Corona crisis. In addition, FC Barcelona lacks revenue from the Champions League, from sponsors and from other sources such as the club museum in order to be able to compensate its expensive ensemble. It is expected that other Spanish first division clubs will follow the example of FC Barcelona.

Barcelona: All stars including Messi get their salary cut. (Source: imago images / ZUMA Wire)Barcelona: All stars including Messi get their salary cut. (Source: ZUMA Wire / imago images)

March 27: Mainz coach: “The situation is strange. The day has a completely different timing”

The ball is currently at rest in the Bundesliga. The situation is also new and unusual for players and coaches. That’s why Mainz coach Achim Baierlorzer said in an interview with the “Deutsche Presse-Agentur”: “The situation is of course strange. You notice that you have to slow down. The day has a completely different timing. Everything is now completely different.”

He continues: “But you have to take things the way they are. The important thing is that we all get through this crisis well, that our society remains intact and that as few people as possible are killed by the corona virus.”

Achim Baierlorzer: The Bundesliga coach talks about the changes that come with the corona crisis. (Source: imago images / HJS)Achim Baierlorzer: The Bundesliga coach talks about the changes that come with the corona crisis. (Source: HJS / imago images)

March 27: NFL clubs donate more than $ 35 million

The NFL has now donated more than $ 35 million to people affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The money that came from players, owners, teams and the NFL Foundation went to numerous aid organizations, including the American Red Cross and services that provide people with food. The North American Football League also released videos of members of all 32 NFL teams calling on their fellow citizens to stay at home, thereby slowing the spread of the virus.March 26: English Football Association cancels season in lower leagues

For the English football clubs in the seventh division and the divisions below, the season has ended with immediate effect due to the coronavirus pandemic. The English Football Association (FA) and the National League System (NLS) responsible for competitions below the fourth division agreed on this, as the FA announced. In England, as in other European countries, gaming operations are currently completely suspended.

All previous results for the 2019/20 season should be canceled in the affected competitions. There are no promoters or relegators. How to deal with the fifth and sixth league should be clarified “as soon as possible”, it said. For women, from the third to seventh league all seasons are ended and the results are also canceled. The impact of this on leagues one to three was initially unclear.

March 26: Indy 500 postponed due to corona crisis

The legendary Indy 500 car race may not take place on May 24th due to the coronavirus pandemic. The organizers announced a postponement of the event with traditionally several 100,000 visitors on the Indianapolis circuit to August 23. The 500-mile race has been held since 1911. It is part of the IndyCar series, the US counterpart to Formula 1.

March 26: Bayern star donates a meal to Corona helpers

Byern star Thomas Müller is setting an example in his home region with a special campaign in times of the corona crisis. The 30-year-old donates a warm meal to people who “uphold public life in the Weilheim district” with their work.

Those interested can pick up the meal on Friday and Saturday between 12 noon and 7 p.m. in the restaurants “Alte Post” and “Neue Post” in Pähl. In the former, there is roast pork with potato dumplings, in the other there is schnitzel with potato salad – each to take away.

“We are currently in an exceptional situation that has not existed in the past 75 years,” said Müller: “With this campaign I am trying to make a small contribution to the people in my home who are currently doing great things for our society Afford.”

Bundesliga: Bayern star Müller supports people who fight the corona virus in his district. (Source: imago images / ULMER press photo agency)Bundesliga: Bayern star Müller supports people who fight the corona virus in his district. (Source: ULMER press photo agency / imago images)

March 26: Formula 1 mechanic back home

All members of the McLaren team who had quarantined due to the cancellation of the Formula 1 start of the season due to the corona crisis in Australia have returned to the UK “safely at home”. The team announced this on Thursday.

A total of 16 traditional racing team members were quarantined for 14 days after instructions from the Australian authorities after a mechanic tested positive for Sars-CoV-2. Three McLaren management members also stayed in Australia to assist those affected.

March 26: PSG with special jersey to support hospital staff

The French football club Paris Saint-Germain wants to raise money to support hospital staff in the capital with a jersey campaign. Together with its supplier, PSG presented the top with the lettering “Tous Unis” (All United) on Thursday. There will only be 1500 shirts, for a unit price of 175 euros. PSG boss Nasser Al-Khelaifi announced further actions shortly.

March 26: Augsburg coach Herrlich: “See it as an opportunity to experience the team in an extraordinary situation”

The new coach Heiko Herrlich is trying to draw positive from the Bundesliga club FC Augsburg because of the corona virus pandemic. “I now see it as an opportunity to experience the team and each individual player in an exceptional situation and to master it together with them. This is a challenge for each of us, but we are tackling it together,” said Herrlich of “Augsburg General “.

The 48-year-old Herrlich succeeded Martin Schmidt as FCA coach on March 10, but was subsequently stopped by the corona crisis. But now the FCA has resumed training despite the virus. Heiko Herrlich defends it. “Every footballer wants to have the ball on his foot and feel the grass,” said Herrlich of the Augsburg general. According to Herrlich, the FCA takes all safety measures into account, so training is only carried out in small groups and without duels.

March 26: Bremen managing director expects sales slump on transfer market

Werder Bremen’s managing director Frank Baumann expects a significantly limited transfer market this summer due to the corona crisis. “You don’t have to be a prophet to say that sales in the transfer market will collapse significantly,” said Baumann in an interview with the club’s Werder TV. “Sales in all leagues will decrease, so there will be no mass transfers.” No club currently knows what means to plan for the new season because it is unclear everywhere whether and how the seasons will end, said Baumann.

March 26: Chess World Cup candidate tournament interrupted

The candidate tournament of the World Chess Championship in Yekaterinburg, Russia has been stopped because of the coronavirus pandemic. The safe and timely journey home of players and representatives cannot be guaranteed, the international chess association (Fide) announced on Thursday. The other rounds should be continued at a later point in time with the current score. When that was supposed to be was initially unknown. The background to this is the decision of the Russian government not to allow flights abroad due to the spread of the corona virus.

March 26: Report – Olympics between Wimbledon and US Open 2021 possible

According to a media report, the International Olympic Committee is working closely with the international sports associations to host the Summer Games in Tokyo from July to August 2021. As the Japanese newspaper “Yomiuri” reports, the chairman of the Australian Olympic Committee, John Coates, who is also head of the IOC coordinating committee for the Tokyo Games, hopes for a decision within four weeks. Coates tells the newspaper that the games should take place between the Wimbledon tennis championships, which are scheduled to end on July 10th next year, and the US Open in September.

March 25: Fourth division sold 62,000 tickets – despite the Corona crisis

Football regional league player Lok Leipzig has broken the virtual audience record in the Bruno Plache Stadium with its fundraiser “People, make the booth full”. On Wednesday afternoon, over 62,000 tickets had already been sold for an imaginary game on May 8 against an “invisible opponent”. The tickets can be purchased in the Saxony Fan Shop for one euro each. The money will benefit the club in times of the corona crisis.

The real attendance record in the Plache Stadium dates from 1955 when the SC Rotation Leipzig Bayern Munich received in front of 55,000 spectators. Lok went into action with the goal of breaking the all-time club record from the European Cup match against Girondins Bordeaux in 1987 (120,000 spectators). This game took place in what was then the central stadium.

March 25: Basketball Bundesliga pauses at least until April 30 Cancellation not an option

The Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) still hopes to resume play, but will pause at least until April 30th. The league announced after a meeting of all clubs on Wednesday. The goal is still to end the season.

BBL managing director Stefan Holz had clearly positioned himself in this direction before the video meeting in conversation with the news agency sid. It is about “playing if it is possible somehow,” said the 52-year-old.

March 25: World Soccer Champion Horst Eckel “totally isolated from the environment”

Horst Eckel, the last living soccer world champion from 1954, is particularly protected by his family in the current Corona crisis. “We totally isolated the parents from the environment,” said Eckels daughter Dagmar of the “Bild” newspaper. 88-year-old Eckel and his wife Hannelore live in Vogelbach, Palatinate. “Dad feels fit, is getting impatient. Only at home and without football. But he accepts that there is no alternative until the spook is over,” she said.

The idol of 1. FC Kaiserslautern therefore only takes walks in the garden at a distance from the street. “Passers-by want to shake his hand again and again. That is meant nicely, but is life-threatening at the moment,” said Dagmar Eckel. “Now he can only wave from a few meters.” Eckel was part of that legendary national team around Captain Fritz Walter, which created the “Miracle of Bern” in 1954. The right wing runner played 32 caps.

March 25: Tennis star Roger Federer donates one million Swiss francs to fight Corona

Tennis superstar Roger Federer follows numerous sports greats and is also generous in the corona crisis. On Wednesday, the Grand Slam record winner in the social networks announced that he and his wife Mirka would donate one million francs (approx. 945,000 euros) to “the most vulnerable families in Switzerland”.

“These are challenging times for all of us and nobody should be left behind,” wrote the 38-year-old Swiss: “Our contribution is only a start. We hope that others will join in order to support even more families in need. Together we can do this Overcome the crisis! “

March 25: Hanover’s handball players forego salary

The handball players of TSV Hannover-Burgdorf waive part of their salary because of the effects of the corona crisis. In addition, the professionals and all other employees of the club had agreed to the “inevitable short-time work”, it said in a message from the Bundesliga team on Wednesday. “We want to jointly counter the inevitable consequences of the corona crisis and spread it across our shoulders as evenly as possible,” said Managing Director Eike Korsen.

“It can only work if everyone does their part,” said Captain Fabian Böhm. The Handball Bundesliga is currently suspended until April 22.

March 25: Boxing – rematch between Fury and Wilder postponed

The third fight between the English boxing world champion Tyson Fury and the dethroned American Deontay Wilder also falls victim to the corona crisis. The rematch, scheduled for July 18 in Las Vegas, will be postponed and will be held in October at the earliest, promoter Bob Arum told the US portal ESPN on Tuesday.

“We couldn’t guarantee the two that the fight would take place on this day,” said Arum: “Where should they train for it? How should we sell tickets? It makes no sense to plan the fight if the British don’t even arrive can.”

Wilder (34) had his WBC title on February 22nd in the MGM Grand Garden Arena against Fury (31) due to technical knockout. lost in the seventh round. The first duel in December 2018 in Los Angeles ended with a draw.

March 24th, 10:25 pm: Players at Gosens Club Bergamo tested positive

Goalkeeper Marco Sportiello was the first Atalanta Bergamo player to test positive for the corona virus. The colleague of German midfielder Robin Gosens showed no symptoms, said the club from the Italian Serie A.

Bergamo is a pandemic center in Italy with numerous deaths. The football club players are still in quarantine until Friday. Gosens had last reported on depressing scenes in the city.

The 27-year-old Sportiello is a total of 16 Serie A players. He was at the 4/3 win in Valencia in the round of 16 second leg of the Champions League in the goal of Atalanta. Since then, a third of the team and carers at the counterparty have tested positive for the corona virus.

March 24, 9:15 p.m .: Ex-Bayern coach donates one million euros

Pep Guardiola makes a generous donation to help fight the coronavirus in his Spanish homeland. The team manager of the English football champion Manchester City, ex-coach of Bayern Munich, donated one million euros to the Barcelona-based Fundacio Angel Soler Daniel, according to Tuesday’s announcement.

The foundation will use it to buy medical equipment such as protective masks and ventilation equipment and make it available to the hospitals. In Spain, around 40,000 people are infected with the corona virus, and more than 2,600 were killed.

March 24, 2.10 p.m .: Arsenal bundles solidarity package

Premier League club FC Arsenal has put together a solidarity package in the face of the corona crisis, which should benefit various local institutions. The London club announced on Tuesday via Instagram. Among other things, the club donated £ 100,000 to charities. Schools and kindergartens should also benefit from the money.

March 24, 1:01 p.m .: VfL Bochum players and coaches forego salary

The players and the coaching team of the second division club VfL Bochum will waive part of their salary until June 30 in view of the expected financial losses due to the Corona crisis. The Bochum announced on Tuesday.

“The players and coaches came up to us and said that they want to show solidarity and voluntarily do their part to support VfL in these difficult times,” said Managing Director Sport Sebastian Schindzielorz and added: “It goes without saying the management also join this campaign and do their part to help VfL financially. “

March 24, 8:04 am: Australian Football League postpones all games

The Australian Football Association FFA has announced that it will postpone the A-League games with immediate effect due to the coronavirus pandemic. The decision, released Tuesday morning, was taken after the Australian government took strict measures to avoid social contacts. Four states and territories have introduced border restrictions in response to Covid-19 disease.

The A-League is the last Australian competition to be suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. Football teams met in “Down Under” yesterday, the streaming service DAZN also broadcasted the games in Germany.

March 24: Bayern stars give up a fifth of their salary

In the Bundesliga, players and officials are showing great willingness to partially waive their salaries. According to media reports, all players, the entire board and the entire supervisory board of record champion Bayern Munich have agreed to forego 20 percent of their earnings due to the cuts caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This is reported by the “Bild” newspaper.

Personnel costs at FC Bayern in the 2018/19 season totaled 336.2 million euros for all employees, and sales were 750.2 million euros.

The players from Schalke 04 and Werder Bremen, among others, have already offered a waiver of wages themselves, and talks are also underway at Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund.

March 24: DHB president defends OPC boss Bach

The German Handball Federation (DHB) has stood behind IOC President Thomas Bach in the course of the debate about a possible Olympic postponement. “I understand the emotions associated with the discussion, but personally I find it wrong and fatal how the German public is currently dealing with IOC President Dr. Thomas Bach,” said DHB President Andreas Michelmann of the German Press Agency. “Bach is not only responsible for Germany and Europe, as IOC President he is responsible for Olympic sport around the world.”

The IOC had recently announced a four-week period until a final decision was made on a date for the Tokyo Games, which had previously been held from July 24 to August 9. A shift should not be taboo from a DHB perspective. “The dramatic situation in Italy, for example, the further spread of the corona virus worldwide and the respect for the health of participants and spectators speak for a postponement of the Olympic Games,” said Michelmann. This must be possible in consultation with the major world associations. “Extraordinary circumstances like the corona pandemic require extraordinary measures.”

March 24: US Olympic Committee wants Olympic postponement

The US Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) has changed its mind and, according to a survey among its athletes, has described a postponement of the summer games as “the most promising”. Thus, the group of those who spoke out against the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games on the scheduled date this summer because of the coronavirus pandemic grew by a heavyweight member on Monday (local time).

According to USOPC, 1,780 athletes have participated in a survey and expressed their concerns about the current situation. The main conclusion is that “even if the significant health concerns could be alleviated by summer, the enormous interruptions in the training environment, doping controls and qualifications can not be overcome to a satisfactory degree,” it said in the published on the homepage Opinion.

The American athletes, gymnasts and swimmers’ associations had previously spoken out in favor of postponing the Olympic Games. On Friday, the USOPC followed the IOC line and said there was still a lot of time until the summer games and there was no reason to talk about a shift now.

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