Take a peek at Camera Technology & Trendy Innovations in OPPO Reno4

KOMPAS.com – The presence of OPPO Reno4 on August 6 has opened an era mobile new photography. This is because OPPO Reno4 brings the advantages of a sophisticated innovative camera with AI Color Portrait, Night Flare Portrait, and 960fps AI Slow-motion features to produce trendy photography today.

OPPO Reno4 design fashionable combined with leading technology into the right combination to be trendsetter in this world smartphone.

The results of the AI ​​Color Portrait feature of OPPO Reno4. (Doc. OPPO)

The main feature of AI Color Portrait is that it is able to make the background black and white while keeping human objects in their true colors.

This feature displays very clear and contrasting colors, making the photo look like a work of art that will become a trend among young people. Even more interesting, this feature is also available for video recording in AI Monochrome Video.

The results of the Night Flare Potrait from OPPO Reno4.  (Doc. OPPO) The results of the Night Flare Potrait from OPPO Reno4. (Doc. OPPO)

Professional night photography is also present in the Night Flare Portrait feature which is supported by the Low Light HDR algorithm and the bokeh algorithm. This feature will produce an artistic neon effect on the part background person photo object.

This effect will be seen when the photo is taken at a location with flickering urban lights, which makes the object appear brighter.

On OPPO Reno4, you can capture 960 frames in one second at 960fps AI Slow-motion. This feature makes it possible to capture slow motion shots in the middle of an action video.

You can also capture split-second micro-expressions, capture splashes of water, or colored powder in detail in every subtle motion.

Not only advanced camera innovations, OPPO also has the AON Smart Sensor technology that applies it AI-enhanced smart sensor for the Smart Spying Prevention feature by utilizing a low-power sensor and a combination of intelligent recognition algorithms.

Sensors can not only be used in privacy protection, but also function for Smart AirControl, Smart Rotation, and Smart Always On features that make all activities easier.

Preorder OPPO Reno4.  (Doc OPPO) Preorder OPPO Reno4. (Doc OPPO)

Have trendsetter smartphone with innovative cameras on mobile photography update and make feeds your social media is even more aesthetic. Join pre-order OPPO Reno4 is now also on Lazada from August 6-14, 2020.

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