Take off lessons “M-Flow” that “does not flow” Poor system, difficult registration, weak public relations

Weekend Manager – Come out to crush the moody drama of M-Flow users or the barrier-free automatic passageway on the Intercity Motorway No. 9 (Bang Pa-in-Bang Phli Ring Road) in a timely manner for the action of Saksiam Chidchob, Minister of Transport that ordered the Department of Highways (TLS) to delay the fines 10 times and to expedite the return of the fines already paid Ready to rearrange the system, don’t be M-Flow that doesn’t flow

In fact, it is common for trials to operate with the new system to be as cumbersome at first as the expressways. “Easy Pass System” with a clearing problem Cut the money that does not match the customer’s service There is a lane switch to enter the Easy Pass, causing the car to be stuck for a long time, etc., having to follow the problem for a long time to get to the entrance.

In the case of the opening of the service of a fully automatic toll collection system without barriers (M-Flow) on the Intercity Expressway No. 9 (Bang Pa-in-Bang Phli Ring Road) with 4 checkpoints, namely Thanyaburi 1 Toll Plaza, Thanyaburi 2 Toll Plaza, Thap Chang Toll Plaza 1 and Thap Chang 2 checkpoint, which started on February 15, 2022, also have the same problem.

The difference is that the fine is ten times that of the Department of Highways. Charged in the event that users who are not members of M-Flow do not pay for the service on time, it must be said that it’s like a robbery in the sun. Plus, the bank’s clearing system that cuts service fees has problems with being charged again. Not counting the alternation of lanes of the car entering the M-Flow lane, causing heavy traffic jams, etc.

These problems are all things that have happened before with the EasyPass system. But instead of the Department of Highways to collect lessons and apply them and deal with the situation in a timely manner. back clumsy, let the problem escalate until a curse sounded throughout the city. Trouble to the Ministry of Transport Must come out to defeat Rama who pretends to go big

Mr. Sak Siam came out to face the society on February 24 that Acknowledgment of the problem of impacts that occur to people who have to pay a fine of 10 times in case of paying tolls more than 2 days using the M-FLOW system channel for people who do not subscribe to the M-Flow system by Has ordered to the Department of Highways (TLS) to delay the collection of fines 10 times for those who do not apply for membership in the M-FLOW system and have access to the M-FLOW system in a period of 1 week. past and to refrain from fines of 10 times until March 31, 2022 in order to understand and allow motorists to adjust

For those who pay the fee via and was previously adjusted to the Department of Highways Refund of fines to all and to solve problems that affect the trouble inconvenience to the people who use the road and publicize to create more awareness of the use of the M-FLOW system in all channels

M-Flow service system that does not flow has been a problem since the day of service and has continued. The peak is where artists in the entertainment industry come out to criticize. especially the issue of severe fines, whether “Louis Scott”, “Aom Skawjai Poonsawat” and “Got Jirayu Tantrakul”

On February 23, 2022, “Louis Scott” posted via IG “IG louisscott” telling about his experience with M-Flow service. “I am one of the people who use M-Flow service. I am not a member so I decided to choose. How to run first, then pay In summary, it’s not worth it. Because I have to pay toll fees and fines twice because the AI ​​system doesn’t clear the balance for me and I’m afraid of being hit (criminal cases) #need to pay I have used the service six times = 780 + gas fee #fainting If anyone has information here, please write it down #great”

Saksiam Chidchob, Minister of Transport

On the side of “Young Gott – Jirayu” came out to update this story through the picture with the message that “It’s been designed smartly. Even trying to pretend it was a technical mistake Of course, what he will do next is to put the blame on the people who did not receive the message. why not study well so study well so as not to be a victim of this kind of building project.”

As for “Aom-Sakaojai”, update the picture to criticize this issue. with the message that “Extremely scratchy… The bucket is broken? I hear!!! I SUSssss!!! #BooSat#mflow”, where people like and criticize until it has become a hot trend.

In the case of the bank’s clearing system that has problems The Department of Highways has informed via LINE @ M-Flow that during 21.00 on February 21, 2022 to 12:00 noon on February 22, 2022, there was a problem in improving the receiving system. pay As a result, the payment situation is still pending. Krung Thai Bank is urgently solving the problem. After completing the process, there will be no outstanding debts in the system. In the case of recurring payments The bank will refund the money according to the method specified by the payment user. If still found that there is inaccurate information, you can report the matter to www.mflowthai.com or Application iOS / android mflowthai to enter the dispute process. in order for the staff to help fix it

Mr. Sarawut Songsiwilai Director-General of the Department of Highways (TLS) explains the advantages of the M-Flow system that it is designed to support the speed while the car can pass through 1 20 km / h, which is the same speed as specified in the motorway route. The advantage is that the car that passes does not have to slow down when passing the checkpoint. The M-Flow channel can support 2,500 cars/hr / 1 slot, so the number of 4 slots can support 10,000 cars/hr. causing no problems with traffic jams During the rush hour on Motorway Route 9, the traffic volume is approximately 12,000 cars/hour.

Another advantage is It is used before paying later. which after payment There are several payment methods. Both pay per use, pay at the end of the bill, pay via credit and debit cards, pay via counter service, through various e-banking, while the original payment system will be in cash or via M-PASS card or EASY PASS. Must have money before accessing the way, either in cash or with money in the card M-PASS or EASY PASS.

For non-M-Flow members, the Department of Highways allows them to run through M-Flow by payment. to check at www.mflowthai.com Select Menu : Search for Payment : https://mflowthai.com/mflow/unuserpayment You can also pay through counter service, 7-Eleven stores that are open 24 hours a day and have more than 13,000 branches across the country as well.

In the case of avoiding payment of toll fees within 2 days, there will be a fine of 1 time, for example, toll fees on motorway 9 for 4 wheels, amounting to 30 baht, will be fined 300 baht, plus a 30 baht overdue toll, which is the amount that Must pay a total of 330 baht, and in case of non-payment within 12 days, there will be an additional fine of 200 baht. If not a member Failure to pay within 12 days will be subject to a fine of up to 5,530 baht.

Although the purpose of designing the M-Flow system to facilitate road users, how good would it be? But starting to actually use it has various problems. The Department of Highways must place cones to organize traffic systems near the new entrance lanes. which since the opening of the service until now People are still confused about accessing M-Flow and traditional fee payment methods. In particular, M-PASS and EASY PASS card users complain that the traffic is very heavy. because the lane was merged with general cars and ten-wheel trucks In addition, the communication signs are confusing and unclear. causing serious traffic jams in front of the checkpoint Not to mention that there are still a number of cars running through the M-Flow channel without being subscribed. Which is partly caused by changing lanes back and forth, causing them to be implicitly squeezed into the M-Flow channel.

Problems with the Department of Highways’ M-Flow system cause Mr. Surachet Laopoolsuk The Governor of the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) has instructed officers to collect problems arising after the Office of the Metropolitan Water Authority of Thailand opened the M-Flow system on Motorway Route 9, a total of 4 checkpoints, in full. to be used as a lesson for EXAT to improve and close various weaknesses before EXAT will open the M-Flow service in phase 1 around May 2022 piloted on the Chalong Rat Expressway at 3 checkpoints, consisting of Chatuchot Toll Plaza, Sukhaphiban 5-1 Toll Plaza and Sukhaphiban 5 Toll Plaza. 2

For the introductory lesson at CAAT took off from the user’s echoes, found that registering for the M-Flow service was quite difficult. Inadequate public relations, resulting in a lack of awareness, therefore, EXAT has to speed up to create more awareness because the expressway has quite a lot of service users. Agree that the changes in the early stages will cause problems. Before EXAT opens the service, M-Flow will launch a virtual test system around March – April 2022 in order to avoid problems when actually using the service. Channels for payment via EasyPass card and cash will be launched in parallel with M-Flow first.

At present, there are approximately 1.9 million expressway users per day, of which approximately 800,000 people use EasyPass per day, out of a total of approximately 2 million EasyPass cardholders. Easy Pass card users Register for M-Flow membership to use the M-Flow system on motorway number 9.

In addition, EXAT is still in the process of adjusting the system to integrate information that will allow Easy Pass card users. You can subscribe to M-Flow without re-registration. No hassle, just a few clicks. EXAT will use the original information and documents of existing EasyPass users as much as possible to make it simple and convenient.

It’s best to clean any non-flowing M-Flow images before activating the service.

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