Take-Two buys Codemasters for almost US $ 1 billion

The rumor had been running for a few days, it’s done! Take-Two has just bought Codemasters for 973 million USD. Founded in 1986 in the UK, its main studio is located in Southam, but the company has four other studios in England and two in India.

Photo Credit: Codemasters

Known for Dirt and the F1 series, it started out as a Dungeons and Dragons-based text adventure game. It was with Micro Machines in 1991 that Codemasters entered the car games and will experience great success with this series. In the 2000s, if he launched Toca Racing and Collin McRae Rallye renamed Dirt Rallye thereafter, he distinguished himself in other genres such as with Operation Flashpoint and Music Generator in the first half of the 2000s.

With a predilection for racing games in recent years, and after acquiring Slighty Mad Studio, developer of Project Cars, Codemasters has secured exclusive rights for 5 years to the World Rally Championship from 2023. It is expected to launch its first game based on license in 2024.

With Codemasters in its purse, Take-Two adds racing games to its offer in addition to games from Rockstar, 2K and other studios like Squad or Hangar 13. It is therefore a very interesting purchase for Rockstar which will be able to diversify his offer.

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