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Takeda Pharmaceutical SGN-35, a therapeutic agent for malignant lymphoma, started the domestic phase 1/2 study

Release date 2011/10/12 04:02

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced on October 11 that it has started Phase 1/2 trials of SGN-35 (generic name: brentuximab vedotin) for the treatment of malignant lymphoma in Japan. A study was conducted for relapsed / refractory Hodgkin lymphoma ▽ relapsed / refractory systemic anaplastic large cell lymphoma, for which standard treatment has not yet been established. , Examining effectiveness.

The future development schedule will be examined based on the results of this test, but when Takeda applied for approval in Europe at the end of May this year, it applied based on the results of the Phase 2 test. In the United States, it was approved and sold in August this year.

The drug was introduced by Seattle Genetics, Inc. of the United States. It was jointly developed by Takeda and Seattle Genetics, and Takeda has acquired exclusive marketing rights worldwide except in the United States and Canada. Takeda’s development costs are 50% overseas and 100% in Japan.

The drug is an antibody-drug conjugate that targets the CD30 antigen. An antibody-drug conjugate is a conjugate of a monoclonal antibody that accurately carries a cell-killing drug to cancer cells, and Seattle Genetics holds a patent for this antibody-drug conjugate technology. In March 2009, Takeda’s wholly owned subsidiary Millennium signed a license agreement with Seattle Genetics for antibody-drug conjugate technology, with exclusive use rights for one antigen expressed in solid cancer and two others. Obtained option rights for one antigen.

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