Taking a 5-year-old on a trip…Angelababy madly slides his mobile phone “indifferent attitude exposed” Net bomb: dress like a baby | Entertainment | CTWANT

Mainland male star Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy (Yang Ying) have been married for nearly 7 years and have a son “Little Sponge”. The two suddenly announced their divorce on January 28 this year. The statement mentioned that the two sides separated peacefully and the relevant procedures had been completed. In the future, they will raise their children together, shocking the entertainment industry. Recently, Lu media photographed Angelababy taking his 5-year-old son, Little Sponge, out of the house, but he kept swiping his phone during the process, and was bombarded for not taking care of his son.

A few days ago, Lu Media photographed Angelababy wearing black casual sportswear and a black baseball cap, walking out of the hotel with her 5-year-old son, Xiao Sponge, but she swiped her phone while walking and didn’t interact much with her son, so they went to In the nearby Ocean Park, Angelababy walked in the front, and the nanny in the back followed closely with the little sponge. At first, Angelababy lowered her head and swiped her phone from time to time. When the little sponge shared the toys, she raised her head and responded, and continued to slide the phone again. Afterwards, mother and son watched the fish feeding show together.

Angelababy and son head to Ocean Park. (Picture / flipping Weibo)

After the picture was exposed, it caused heated discussions among netizens from two factions. Some people praised Angelababy as a good mother, “the relationship is too good to accompany the baby more”, “baby is really a good mother”, “sister is really getting more and more beautiful, Such a warm picture”; but some people think that she only cares about the mobile phone and is very indifferent, “dressing like a baby”, “it’s really worry-free to coax the child”, “almost all the nanny is taking care of the son”, “it feels like the baby is with the child” There is no interaction, the phone is always on, and the babysitter is taking care of the children.”

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