Taking olive oil enriched with oleanolic acid prevents type 2 diabetes

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CIBEROBN researchers from the group that directs from Seville José Lapetra have demonstrated for the first time that regular consumption of oleanolic acid, natural component of olive oil, in prediabetic patients, halves the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The results are part of the PREDIABOLE study, randomized clinical trial, conducted entirely in Primary Care (Health District Primary Health Sevilla) in collaboration with the Institute of Fat-CSIC of Seville.

Oleanolic acid is a natural component of olive oil and many plant foods (grape skin, tomato, apple …), present in large quantities in the olive leaf and olive cuticle. Nevertheless, only a small fraction of this olive acid passes into olive oil during its elaboration.

For José Manuel Santos, senior author of the work and co-director of the CIBEROBN group, “these results support the use of oleanolic acid, together with lifestyle modifications, to help prevent type 2 diabetes. In the trial, oleanolic acid it was administered dissolved in commercial olive oil, medium in which it achieves its highest bioavailability ».

In the PREDIABOLE study, 176 prediabetic people (altered baseline glycemia and impaired glucose tolerance) of both sexes and ages between 30 and 80 years were randomized to receive 55 ml / day of olive oil enriched with oleanolic acid (dose equivalent to 30 mg / day in the intervention group), or the same unenriched oil (control group).

The participants were recruited by their family doctors, belonging to 25 health centers in Seville, and followed for a median of 27.5 months. The results of the study showed that the consumption of olive oil enriched in oleanolic acid, at the daily dose indicated above, halves the risk of developing diabetes in prediabetic individuals. No adverse effects related to the intervention were reported.

The study has been funded by the Ministry of Health of the Junta de Andalucía and the Carlos III Health Institute, while the ACESUR olive group (Dos Hermanas, Sevilla) has collaborated providing the olive oil necessary for the trial.

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