Talaat Youssef: I know Ehab Jalal’s abilities very well..and his fault is that he is polite

He said Talaat Youssef The technical director of the Alexandrian Federation and the former pioneers of the army, said that Egyptian football is experiencing a tragedy that is not commensurate with the size of its history and achievements.

He added, in televised statements on “On Time Sports 2”: “We are going through situations of the worst possible, and what is worse is that these situations are seen by the whole world.”

And he added: “When such things happen in Egypt, an example in Africa and the Arab countries, and we find that we lack the basics of management, this shakes the picture. I personally feel that I am small in what is happening.”

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He continued, “I did not witness situations similar to what we saw. I had a special vision before Ihab Jalal took charge. In all my previous statements, I used to say that Carlos Queiroz is valuable and must continue under any circumstances, and at the end of his career I demanded his continuation, but the administration pushed him to leave in a humiliating manner.” “.

And he continued: “I know the capabilities and capabilities of Ehab Jalal, and I know his upbringing, and his fault is that he is overly polite and does not know how to deal in such a sports environment.”

And he added, “When Ihab Galal took charge of the Egyptian national team, I said that the Football Association should protect him, because I knew that bumps would be put in his way, and because he was polite, he would not cross it without the protection of the Federation.”

And he continued: “It is not correct for the president of the federation to say that a contract with Ihab Galal Because of the dollars.

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