Taliban celebrate total US withdrawal from Afghanistan | News

The Taliban celebrated in the early hours of Tuesday the total withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan after twenty years of military intervention.


US confirms final withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan

According to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, the last group of US soldiers left Kabul airport at midnight on Monday.

Minutes after the departure of the last US military flight, members of the Taliban group began firing into the air as part of the celebration in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

The main spokesman for the Taliban reported from the Kabul airport that the withdrawal of US forces is a victory that belongs to all Afghans.

Zabihullah Mujahid announced that the next Taliban government wishes to maintain diplomatic relations with the US and most of the countries of the world.

On August 16, the tenant of the White House Joe Biden, gave the order to withdraw his troops from Kabul after almost 20 years of invasion in Afghanistan and fail in the attempt to consolidate a government.

The complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan had been the main demand of the Taliban and the precondition in all negotiations with the US to advance the peace process in Afghanistan.

The US withdrawal after twenty years of war began to be forged with the February 2020 agreement in Doha, in which the US Administration agreed with the Taliban to withdraw troops in 14 months.

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