Taliban following atrocities; Body hanged in city center | Taliban | hang dead body | Afghanistan

Kabul: A body was found hanging in a city center in Afghanistan. The incident took place in the western Afghan city of Herat. International media reports quoted an eyewitness as saying that the body was hanging from a crane.

Four bodies were brought to the city. Of these, three bodies were taken to different parts of the city. A body was hung on a crane in the city center. Wazir Ahmed Siddiqui, who runs a pharmacy in the city, told the Associated Press.

Siddiqui said the Taliban had told police that the four had been killed in connection with the kidnapping. However, Siddiqui said the death sentence was not a sudden one and that they must have been killed in a shooting that took place after or before the police arrest. There has been no response from the Taliban.

The Taliban leader announced yesterday that the Taliban would bring back the death penalty and amputation in Afghanistan. Nuruddin Turabi, the justice minister in charge of Afghan prisons and a senior Taliban leader, has said he will restore the handcuffs and executions of those convicted. Nuruddin said a policy would be formulated regarding the execution of sentences in public.

Nuruddin is one of the members of the Taliban ‘s caretaker cabinet, which is facing UN sanctions. The Taliban have already begun punishments, including publicly insulting those accused of theft. There are reports that the Taliban’s atrocities will continue.

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