Taliban “ISIS bombing, we will punish ourselves”… Opposition to US retaliatory air strikes

Six ISIS fighters arrested shortly after the 26th terrorist attack
Foreign media “Taliban-IS antagonism”
An irreconcilable power struggle begins.”
Taliban ‘do not intervene in the US’ message

Taliban soldiers in search of IS Taliban soldiers armed with rifles patrol the city in a pickup truck in Kabul, Afghanistan, on the 28th. On the 26th, when ‘IS-K’, a branch of the Islamic State (IS) group, carried out a suicide bombing near Kabul International Airport, the Taliban, outraged, searched the city of Kabul and started arresting IS-K members. Kabul = AP News

“We can catch them and kill them anywhere.”

The Islamic State (IS), an extremist militant group that carried out suicide bombings in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, which the Taliban has regained control of after 20 years, has been urging not to let it go. The Taliban, an Islamic militant group, is about to form a new government in Afghanistan by leading the withdrawal of the US and NATO coalition forces 20 years after their defeat by the United States in 2001. The Taliban have started arresting ISIS fighters, claiming they will handle the attack on their own, as the US has declared strict punishment for the attack that killed 13 Americans and launched an immediate retaliatory airstrike. Foreign media reported that an ‘irreconcilable’ war between the Taliban and IS is going on.

According to the British media The Times on the 28th, Taliban criminal investigation chief Maulawi Saifula Mohammed said that on the night of the 26th, the day of the suicide bombing, six ISIS fighters were arrested in western Kabul. Four are Afghans and two are Malaysians. The Taliban are interrogating them. The U.S. Department of Defense believes the suicide bombing was carried out by IS-K, a branch of ISIS. “ISIS is not as tough as they think,” Mohammed said. “We defeated 36 NATO countries. “We can arrest and kill ISIS from anywhere,” he said. At the same time as sending a warning to IS, the US appears to have sent a message not to intervene. On the same day, Taliban spokesman Zabihula Mujahid also called the US drone strikes against IS-K “an obvious attack on Afghan territories” at a press conference. Afghanistan is now under the control of the Taliban, so don’t interfere.

Although both the Taliban and ISIS are Islamic extremist forces, foreign media reported that they have a close relationship. He also analyzed that the suicide bombing, which killed more than 170 people, was aimed at the Taliban, not the United States. Russian ambassador to Afghanistan, Dmitry Zhirnov, said in an interview with Russia’s TASS news agency on the 28th that “an irreconcilable war is going on between the Taliban and Daesh.” “It’s not the US that controls Afghanistan, it’s the Taliban,” he said. The assessment is to show that the Taliban cannot become a force capable of ruling Afghanistan. “This is why the Taliban will hunt ISIS harshly and try to end it,” he said. Before the bombing, IS-K reportedly revealed some of its terrorist plans in an interview with the US media. On the 27th, CNN released an interview with the IS-K commander that was conducted two weeks before the terrorist attack. The commander said, “We are waiting for the time to attack while hiding,” and said that he had fought for the Taliban in the past. “The Taliban have been moderated by Western ideology,” he said. He said, “If you are with us, you are brothers. Otherwise, the Taliban or anyone else will go to war,” he said. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) media Gulf Today reported that “IS has declared war on Taliban-controlled Afghanistan,” and that a power struggle has begun between the two sides. He warned that the clash between the Taliban and IS could lead to dangerous situations in Central Asia, Iran and Pakistan. On the 28th, Turkey expelled a Russian national IS member from abroad. The gang member was arrested on the 2nd at Istanbul Airport in Turkey while trying to enter the country with a fake passport.

The Taliban are rushing to form a new government. Afghan media Tolo TV reported on the 29th that the Taliban took over control of three areas, including the entrance to Kabul Airport and the gates of military districts, from the US military after the terrorist attacks on the 26th.

Reporter Lee Eun-taek [email protected]

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