Taliban: Media reports Taliban hangs body of alleged crime as a warning

The Taliban reportedly hanged the bodies of four alleged abductors in a public place in Herat province in western Afghanistan.

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This seems to be a warning to those contemplating committing a crime. After a senior Taliban official warned on Saturday that he would resume punishment for crimes by execution and amputation.

Local officials say the four men died in a gunfight after kidnapping a business owner and his son.

The AP news agency was informed that A man’s body was hung from a crane in the center of Herat province.


Wasir Ahmad Zeddiki, shop owner told the AP that the bodies of the four men were brought to a central square. One corpse was hung before the other three were placed in other squares in the city.

Molwai Chair Ahmad Emar, Deputy Governor of Herat Province told the local media that Taliban fighters track down men accused of kidnapping and killing them during a firefight.

“We hung these bodies in squares in Herat province as a warning to other kidnappers,” one official said.

The BBC has yet to confirm how the four men were killed.

After taking power on Aug. 15, the Taliban pledged to rule the country with more compromise than last time. However, human rights abuses have been reported across Afghanistan.

Previously, Mullah Nuruddin Turabi, who was Minister of Justice when the Taliban was in power last time and now oversees the corrections department. told the AP news agency that It will reintroduce the death penalty and amputation as “necessary for security”.

He told AP that They may not perform these penalties as publicly as they did in the 1990s, but they insist. “No one will tell us what the law should be.”

Back in August, Amnesty International said the Taliban were behind the killings of nine Sahara minorities.


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