Taliban propose short ceasefire to Americans

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DThe Taliban have said that the US armed forces have proposed a short ceasefire in Afghanistan. An offer for a “seven or ten day fire break” has been made to American negotiators, a Taliban representative said on Thursday of the AFP news agency. Another representative confirmed that the offer had been made to American negotiators in Doha.

For weeks, the United States has been calling on the radical Islamic militia to reduce violence in the country as a condition for the resumption of direct negotiations. Their latest offer will “pave the way for an agreement,” said the first Taliban representative. There was initially no official confirmation from the Taliban or the United States.

The negotiations are about the conditions for an American withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. American President Donald Trump had declared the talks “dead” in 2019, but in December they were resumed in Qatar’s capital, Doha. The last time they were interrupted was because of an attack near an American military base.



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