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It is estimated that more than 2.1 billion tons of garbage are produced in the world, of which only 16 percent is recycled. Specifically, in Colombia, this percentage rises to 17 percent of the 12 million tons of solid waste generated in one year, a panorama that highlights one of the most challenging problems around the planet, insofar as it threatens not only against the environment, but at the same time impacts the health, rights and general well-being of communities.

And it is that, without a doubt, pollution, climate change, water scarcity and overpopulation, to name a few, are of global proportions, and with regard to the commemoration of world environment day, which was celebrated on June 5, It is worth generating a reflection on the need to develop an adequate administration of natural resources (by 2050 we will reach 9,700 million people and the resources will be insufficient), which requires the commitment of governments, the private sector, academia and society in general.

In this scenario, companies play a fundamental role and it should be mentioned that they are increasingly aware of their responsibility. Such is the case of Compensar, which, since its inception 42 years ago, has been working towards its purpose of comprehensive well-being, reaching not only individuals, families and organizations, but also communities and species, articulating its work daily with environmentally sustainable strategies.

This organization, which by 2025 aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 30 percent, has taken on the task of generating, for example, a measurement process that, according to Henry Salinas, coordinator of Environmental Management at Compensar “It has led us to carefully review areas such as food and accommodation, raw materials, the amount of water and energy consumed, the trips made, the variety of goods transported, refrigerant gases and the type of fuel used by the allies that make part of our value chain, as a way to carry out controls that result in the well-being of the planet ”, adding that“ we permanently work hand in hand with our suppliers and within this context we generate a community to share experiences, knowledge and good practices, where the contributions of allies such as the Universidad de los Andes have been fundamental, since its master’s degree in Business Administration has helped to generate support and collaboration strategies ”.

A comprehensive intervention strategy

Among the programs and actions developed by Compensar, with an impact both internally and towards the community in general, the following stand out: its waste management strategy, by means of which it prevents more than 80 percent from ending up in sanitary landfills; its sustainable mobility program, which in the last five months has encouraged more than 400 employees to use alternative means of transport to get around; the optimization of water and energy services, which in the first five months of the year has represented savings of nearly $ 1,000 million in the bill; its efficient constructions, designed under bioclimatic concepts, within which the Calle 94 headquarters is one of the most representative, in addition to highlighting the green terraces of its Av. Primero de Mayo and Suba headquarters.

Regarding hazardous waste of biological origin, which has increased due to the pandemic, and which are normally incinerated for final disposal, this year the entity has stopped generating 251 tons, thanks to efficient use strategies developed with the medical and healthcare equipment, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

In line with this philosophy, Compensar has also been exploring the use of alternative energies, generating from solar panels the energy it requires for the operation of the interactive fountains show in its Jubilee Square, in addition, it has installed 10 photovoltaic charging stations in its main headquarters, for the charging of cell phones and laptops, and has managed to optimize the water heating process in its hotels, to which is added the implementation of sprinkler systems to reduce the perception of temperature in its rooms, which which has meant, for eight consecutive years, receiving the recognition of the PREAD Environmental Excellence Program, awarded by the District Secretary for the Environment to companies that stand out for their environmental commitment.

The “Green Purchases” program is also part of this list of actions, through which it seeks to reduce the impact generated in the different stages of the life cycle of the products acquired for the normal development of its operations, through the definition of sanitary and biodegradability criteria.

In addition, the replacement of chemical substances for cleaning with other more environmentally friendly substances that, at the same time, protect the health of those who come into contact with them, and the migration to biodegradable or recyclable packaging in operations in which This type of input is required, reaching a 92 percent share of the total packaging purchased; on the other hand, the urban vegetable garden program, with which so far this year has impacted nearly 1,000 people, including employees and suppliers.

In the words of the Coordinator of Environmental Management of Compensar, in this process “the participation of our innovation laboratory and the articulated work between collaborators, suppliers, allies and the academy, has been one of the most significant achievements with a view to promoting a culture of protection of the environment, identifying specific environmental impacts in each of our areas, in order to mitigate them ”.

The challenges continue

In the short term, Compensar intends to continue developing pedagogical activities within the framework of its “Head on Earth” program, mainly focused on the conscious use of energy and water, as well as encouraging the implementation of renewable energies.

In the same way, it will continue to work on reducing emissions and on its climate action plan, within which the different aspects of the supply chain are involved, in order to reduce the carbon footprint in the middle of the economic reactivation process that the country advances. Likewise, the entity will continue to reach the different communities where it develops urban projects, with awareness workshops on waste management, color coding, post-consumption, sustainable consumption and home gardens, among others.

Undoubtedly, these and other actions are a reflection that the care and protection of the planet are part of the strategic agenda of Compensar, who is convinced that only through the sum of efforts is it possible to contribute significantly to the conservation of the environment. , thereby favoring healthy, healthy and safe environments, which result in the quality of life of individuals, families, communities, organizations and species; having clear that one of the main global challenges is the change in the perception that human beings have about their role in nature, because only in this way will it be possible to achieve a harmonious interaction between all living beings, in any form, in the face of the construction of a comprehensive and sustainable well-being for all.

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