Talking about Tukul Arowana, PON Hospital Reminds the Most Crucial Stroke Symptoms


Comedy Arowana hammer He was rushed to the hospital due to a cerebral haemorrhage. After experiencing a number of symptoms, Tukul reportedly underwent surgery at the National Brain Center Hospital (PON Hospital), Cawang, East Jakarta.

About condition Hammer, the Managing Director of the PON Hospital, Dr. Mursyid Bustami, SpS (K), KIC, MARS did not talk much. According to him, it is the privacy of patients and families that must be protected.

“I have no right to convey the patient’s condition, regarding patient rights. We are prohibited from violating the code of ethics if we convey the patient’s condition. Especially information from the family,” said Dr Mursyid in a virtual press conference, Friday (24/9/2021).

However, on this occasion, Dr. Mursyid reminded that a stroke can be experienced by anyone and at any time. He reminded there are a number of symptoms of stroke, one of which is bleeding blood vessels in the brain.

Affirmed, the public needs to understand the early symptoms of stroke and proper treatment. The reason is the faster the treatment, the more likely the stroke is handled properly.

“Generally 70 percent of patients stroke bleeding complains of headache Most of the 60 percent followed by loss of consciousness, so the patient is unconscious. There are other symptoms, for example, limb weakness is generally one-sided. There are also those who experience seizures, many other symptoms,” explained Dr. Mursyid.

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