“Talklam” breaks the barrier of shyness with psychotherapy

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Speak, because there is comfort in speaking. And the promotion of mental health, sometimes does not need to be done through psychotherapy.

Based on personal experiences with psychological support and mental health promotion, Inas Jihad Abu Shasih, Director of Operations and Technology, launched the Takalam platform, in cooperation with Khawla Hammad, this digital platform. The platform seeks, through a group of specialists, to provide a helping hand to every user in need of psychological support.

What is remarkable about this platform is that it maintains the privacy of each person or institution, especially as it allows the individual to be anonymous, without having to reveal his personal details. Enas stresses the importance of promoting mental health in general, and beyond the spread of Corona in particular, in order for a person to overcome pressures in a positive way, and to be stronger than them.

Enas Jihad Abu Shaseh, Samira Ibrahim’s guest on “Hawa Al-Ayam” program.

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