Tamara Falcó: «At home they wouldn't let me cook»

Tamara Falcó (Madrid, 38 years old) says that she perfectly understands those who did not trust her as a possible winner of the fourth edition of 'MasterChef Celebrity'. However, the fashion designer ended Wednesday with the prejudices that surrounded her before the watchful eye of 2,774,000 viewers (25.8% audience) of TVE, her mother, Isabel Preysler, and the current couple of this, Mario Vargas Llosa.

– Would something of that last program have changed?

– I would have liked to have grated the truffle at the last moment, and also to have twenty extra seconds to beat the air more, because I didn't know enough about cocoa.

– Did you see yourself as a winner at some point?

-I never thought about it. In that I think we almost all agreed. It's a challenge and I took it very seriously. Miguel Ángel Muñoz was an example for me, because he also entered without frying an egg.

– Was your relationship with the kitchen reduced to go for a glass of water?

-It was quite similar to that. I had always liked cooking, but they didn't let me practice. My mother hates cooking, and I was afraid of the whole issue of knives, burns. Getting into cooking has been a result of this. My father and mother went to a desert island and my father, after taking yogurts and sandwiches for several days, said: 'Look, Isabel, I'm going fishing, and you're going to cook it.' And from there the marriage did not go well (laughs).

-How did you prepare?

-I signed a contract two weeks before entering. Paco Roncero and Nerea Ruano welcomed me. It wasn't enough to learn everything, because you need to have a strong cooking base, and as you could see in the first program, I didn't even remember how I had to peel the asparagus.

-And later, he visited Oriol Castro.

-That was very 'heavy'. I couldn't get what I wanted on the menu. I approached Oriol on a break to ask if he could go to his restaurant that weekend. 'Look, Tamara, we have a lot of trouble.', And I: 'I already have the ticket.' He was funny and treated me like in my life. In addition, I was very bad at presenting the dishes, and Oriol commissioned Juan Avellaneda to learn the speech well. Last night we were repeating and repeating it. I would say: 'Juan, I have to sleep, that tomorrow I have the final', and he would say to me: 'You have not moved me. Start again'.

«The hotel industry is very hard»

-What surprised you most about the program?

-I really thought I was more trick. I thought it was going to be easier, and in the first cooked I saw the level of my classmates. I saw the dish made by Ana Milan and I was amazed, but thank God I also had Los Chunguitos in my edition. Then I told myself that I had to take it very seriously. The judges and television intimidate, and I applied a lot. The hospitality is very hard. You have to take care of everything with great care and be a perfectionist. And being in a contest, in which they take you to the limit, it was difficult to keep your balance. Not only is it cooking well, it is also a competition. You have to stay, try not to affect you much. It is difficult to manage emotions.

– Was she scared enough to think about abandoning?

– Scared, all the time, but we were a gigantic team, and I think that out of respect for them you can't do that. I remember one day that Pepe (Rodríguez) arrived with conjunctivitis. They had to come to treat it, and no recording day was lost. It is not something you can take lightly, because there are many people working.

-How was that special relationship with Jordi Cruz?

-What more complicated question! I keep that moment of jauja of the final. I admire him very much, and my teammates messed a lot with him, made jokes and. I came up.

-What did those words of the last program mean?

-It's the most beautiful thing I've been told in my life. Or what else. Coming from a chef like Jordi, who has been in the kitchens since he was twelve, he has seen what I have tried and admit in front of all of Spain that had its prejudices. That was beautiful.

– And what would you say to those who had these prejudices?

-I understand them. That is the beauty of life, which is surprising you.

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