Tamara Falcó in El Desafío: The scare that pissed off Tamara Falcó in ‘El Desafío’

Speechless. This is how Tamara Falcó stayed after seeing the magic test that Ana Peleteiro performed in ‘The Challenge’. The new contest puts eight celebrities to the test, imposing impossible challenges that they must complete before the judges. Isabel Preysler’s daughter is part of the court together with Santiago Segura and Juan del Val, and all three were perplexed after contemplating the illusion that the record holder performed. The athlete had the difficult task of starring in a, a priori, dangerous magic trick. Jandro and Yunque were the experts in charge of instructing Peleteiro. It was a wooden bed threatened by some disturbing skewers that were held by a rope. The magicians set fire to the rope and the sportswoman had to break free of some chains and flee before the nails fell on her body. It all seemed like a game of escapism, but when they least expected it, the rope burned and the tips fell on the contestant. Bustamante, another participant, screamed in fear and Tamara threw her hands to her head. Nothing happened, after removing the curtain that covered the fantasy, Peleteiro was free and on the bed of spikes. Without a single wound. It had all been a trick.

“Right now I’m very angry with Ana”Falcó managed to say. After the fear, everyone applauded the efficiency of the woman who, having no idea of ​​sleight of hand, had deceived everyone. However, the European triple jump champion did not win the competition. Kira Miró surpassed her by getting on 25 boxes vertically, placed one on another, and maintain balance. The new space appeals to the tension generated by contemplating familiar faces in distress, submitting to disciplines they do not know. David Bustamante endured a minute and a half underwater without breathing and was not satisfied with the feat. “It pisses me off because I’ve been lazy”He complained dejectedly when he got out of the pool. “He has the Pablo Motos syndrome, it is believed that he has failed,” said Santiago Segura ironically. And precisely the presenter of ‘El Hormiguero’ was the guest star of the night.

Motos (producer of the show) sponsored the premiere and did it by singing opera. Six weeks has taken the communicator to perfect ‘Nessum dorma’. When his partner, Jorge Salvador, encouraged him to appear in the first chapter, Paul agreed on condition of doing nothing physical. “If you want to sing opera,” he said jokingly. And the joke became a reality thanks to the tutorials of Ainhoa ​​Arteta. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada was the first to go on stage and she did so driving a colossal excavator with which she had to serve wine in a glass and offer it to Roberto Leal, conductor of the space. And he did it though he spilled a lot of liquid and that made the judges not value his work well. The same thing happened to Jorge Sanz, who had to memorize the capitals of 194 countries of the world. He only got seven out of ten right and the three mistakes took their toll. Those of Togo, Lesotho and East Timor choked on him and the experts deducted points for it. “You have to be a little ashamed,” Juan del Val reproached the actor. Next week he will be able to recover on the back of a mechanical bull.


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