Tanzanian novelist Abdul Razak Gurnah wins Nobel Prize for Literature

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The Swedish Academy that awards the Nobel Prizes has announced that the Tanzanian writer Abdul Razzaq Jarna is the winner of the 2021 Nobel Prize for Literature, for his narrative “which does not compromise the effects of colonialism and the fate of refugees stranded between cultures and continents.”

The jury stated that the author, whose most famous work is Paradis (Paradise), was awarded the prize for his “sympathetic and uncompromising narrative of the effects of colonialism and the fate of refugees stuck between cultures and continents.” Among his other works is the Desertion.

The prize money is 10 million Swedish kronor ($1.14 million). The Nobel Prizes were established for achievements in science, literature and peace through the will of the Swedish inventor of dynamite, Alfred Nobel, who was a wealthy businessman. Prizes have been awarded since 1901, and the Nobel Prize in Economics was later added to it.

Previous winners of the prize have been novelists such as Ernest Hemingway, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Toni Morrison and Naguib Mahfouz, poets such as Pablo Neruda, Joseph Brodsky and Rabindranath Tagore, and playwrights such as Harold Pinter and Eugene O’Neill.


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