Taoyuan couple quarreling and bumping into betel nut stall “buy 200 for kiss” netizen crooked building

Taoyuan Luo Nan drove his girlfriend out of control on Yanping Road in Zhongli and crashed into a betel nut stall. (Picture / Flip screen)

[周刊王CTWANT] At 7:28 a.m. on the 27th, a car accident occurred in Xu Taoyuan City. A 31-year-old man surnamed Luo drove his 22-year-old girlfriend surnamed Qiu along Yanping Road in the direction of Pingzhen. It was suspected that two people were arguing for some reason and accidentally lost control and crashed into the road. The betel nut shop on the side of the betel collided with two people walking along the road. It also caused Luo Nan to fracture his head, hands and feet, and Qiu Nv’s face, hands, and feet to bruise. There was no danger to both sides, and there was no drunk driving. The detailed cause of the accident needs to be further investigated.


Luo Nan quarreled with his girlfriend in the car, so he lost control and crashed into a betel nut stall on Yanping Road, Zhongli. (Picture / Flip screen)

Since the impact point was a betel nut shop, it happened to hang “Buy betel nut for 200 for a kiss” (actually refers to kiss asparagus juice), some people posted on Facebook “I’m from Zhongli”, “A car crashed into the sidewalk, yes How anxious to buy betel nut 200?” Netizen KUOSO replied, saying, “I love eating betel nut a lot”, “I want to kiss before opening the door”, “Even if it’s a gift to a relative, there is no need to dismantle it”, “Yes If you want to kiss, buy betel nut next.”, “Fight for asparagus juice.”

The police said that the car accident happened at about 07:28 today. Luo Nan drove his girlfriend Qiu surnamed Qiu along the direction of Yanping to Pingzhen in Zhongli District. Accidentally crashed into a roadside betel nut shop, causing fractures on the driver’s head, left and right feet, and bruises on Qiu’s face, hands and feet. There was no danger to both parties’ lives, and there was no drunk driving. The detailed cause of the accident needs to be further investigated. The police appealed to passers-by to concentrate on driving to maintain traffic safety.

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Taoyuan couple quarreling and bumping into betel nut stall “buy 200 for kiss” netizen crooked building
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