tapas bars and wine bars forced to close

New “braking measures”, according to Didier Lallement, will come into force from Monday 5 October, from 10 p.m., in areas placed on “maximum alert”, in particular Paris, Aix or Marseille.

Bars and cafes are now forced to close their doors to customers. Restaurants remain open, under very restrictive conditions. This seems simple, yet some breweries can remain open. So which establishments will be open mardi ?

Brasseries and cafes that serve a daily special will not have to close their doors, as their main activity remains the sale of meals. Except that many Auvergne brasseries in Paris were previously “drinking establishments”. And they have not changed their administrative code corresponding to their activity.

The police are therefore entitled to close these establishments. So, to avoid this scenario, the authorities indicate that the checks will not relate to this administrative code. The police will simply have to check whether there is a kitchen on site, a cook, a menu, a menu, a dish of the day and that their turnover in catering is the majority, compared to the drink.

So, fast food chains can stay open, unlike establishments which only serve dishes to share, such as cold cuts or cheese boards, namely tapas bars or even wine bars. They will be forced to close their doors.

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