[Tapu Traffic Accident]The driver who caused the accident was staying in the hospital for a four-year-old. The child briefly regained his father: Azai Positive, I am Positive | Position report

A fatal car accident occurred on Kwong Fuk Road, Tai Po a week ago (22nd). In the accident, Liu Yinzhe, a 4-year-old boy with blood stasis on his head and a ruptured part of his intestines, and his mother who was also injured in the accident and who was 5 months pregnant have stayed in the doctor. The head of the family, Mr. Liu, brought good news again today (29th). He said that his son Yinzhe’s condition continued to improve. Not only did his intracranial pressure stabilize, he also briefly regained consciousness yesterday (28th) and reacted to the outside world. The pregnant wife continued to be safe with her mother and daughter.According to the Hospital Authority, there are still 4 injured people in hospital, includingZhaoThe driver of the accident, except for the boy in critical condition, the rest of the injured are in stable condition. It is understood that the wife of the surnamed Zheng, who tragically passed away, will undergo a third pelvic surgery within days.

Mr. Liu said that when his son Yinzhe woke up for a short time, he was a bit “sick” because of wearing a ventilator and plugging in multiple throats. Recognizing Mr. Liu and reacting to the outside world, “He recognized Dad and heard the sound. I told him to put his feet down, and he can slowly put his feet down, but the Power is not well controlled.”

At the request of the doctor, Mr. Liu continued to drag his son’s hand all night to prevent his son’s lack of security from causing the intracranial pressure to rise. The progress is “a little bit earlier” and “a lot more sure” than expected, but it still has to rely on a ventilator to breathe, and there is a certain distance from fully awakening, so it cannot be said to be 100% stable.

Skin grafts should be considered for pregnant women with hand burns at least 4 weeks later

As for Mrs. Liu, who was pregnant for more than five months, the mother and daughter continued to be safe. Mr. Liu said that the mother-in-law had a video call with his wife yesterday (28th). According to the mother-in-law, the wife can have a simple conversation, temporarily not knowing the situation of the son, and mistakenly believe that she was admitted to the hospital because of the childbirth, “Yi Zhong thinks she has a BB.” Mr. Liu said that in addition to cerebral hemorrhage, his wife also suffered burns of about 7.5% of her hand. She still needs medication to put her to sleep to avoid serious inflammation in the body. It is estimated that it will take at least 4 weeks of observation before consideration. Follow-up treatment such as skin grafting.

Mr. Liu described the progress of the two as a “miracle.” “When the accident happened, I thought that both of them didn’t exist. At least both of them were passed by Yijia! Azai Positive, I am Positive. At least my life is guaranteed by grace.” He thanked him a few days ago. The public donated money to make a family “less as good as a real problem” and promised that the people of Hong Kong would “bring good news to everyone.”

2 The injured and the driver who caused the accident are stable and the boy is still in danger

“Stance” once called other victims in the car accident. Among them, the man surnamed Su who injured his right foot said that “there was nothing.” Ms. Zhou, who was discharged from the hospital the next day, was hit by a stone in her shoulder and foot, and suffered abrasions and swelling and pain. The doctor said that when she was discharged from the hospital, the doctor said that she did not need a follow-up consultation, and that she could disperse the blood stasis on her shoulders and feet. She has begun to disperse the blood stasis and the situation is gradually improving.

It is understood that the wife of the man surnamed Zheng who passed away in the car accident is in stable condition, but due to a fractured pelvis, she will undergo a third operation later; and due to her serious injury, her daily life may be affected.

According to the Hospital Authority, as of 3 o’clock this afternoon, there are still 4 injured people in hospital. Except for the 4-year-old boy Liu, who is in critical condition, the 37-year-old woman surnamed Wu, the 51-year-old woman surnamed Chen, and the 63-year-old male taxi driver who caused the accident Then everything is stable.

A fatal traffic accident occurred on Kwong Fuk Road, Tai Po on the 22nd. A taxi rushed to a red light in front of a zebra crossing and crashed into a pedestrian crossing the road, resulting in 2 deaths and 8 injuries. The driver surnamed Mo was charged with a crime of dangerous driving leading to the death of another person. The case was heard before the date of the case, but the prosecution alleged that the driver was hospitalized because of a fever and was unable to attend the hearing. The magistrate postponed the case while the defendant was under police custody.

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