Tarbes. Giving blood, more vital than ever

The Maison du don de sang de Tarbes regularly organizes events to promote donation. The opportunity to donate blood in a good mood when the national reserves are at their worst. Usually closed on Tuesday mornings, the Maison du don de Tarbes organized many activities from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on this special day. “We organized several activities for the donors, as every year. This morning there was a musician and for the afternoon, it is the magician Peter Oz who will animate the donations”, indicates Marie-Jo Pommier, responsible of the house of the gift in Tarbes. And as soon as he arrives, the magician impresses with his sleight of hand. If he can no longer donate blood since a transfusion, this type of intervention greatly contributes to the increase in mobilization. “We had 32 donors this morning, for 9 plasmas. It is a very good mobilization which should continue. There are still appointments this afternoon”, specifies Marie-jo Pommier. And this kind of day is crucial, as the blood supply is low. The emergency call from the EFS last February did not have the desired effect. “Mobilization is up and down. With each call, the mobilization is strong, then it relapses. Before, we managed to have regular donors”, explains the manager of the Maison du don de Tarbes. According to the EFS, there would be a shortage of 30,000 blood bags to meet the needs for blood products. A situation that worries Marie-Jo Pommier: “We have O + blood reserves for 4.9 days and 4.8 days for O-, when usually there are 10-12 days. is very worrying. If there is an urgent and massive need, it will be difficult to meet it. When those who do the rounds open the fridge and it is almost empty, it does something”. And if the event days attract people, the mobilization must be more regular in the face of the significant lack of blood bags at the national level.

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