Target Stock Fund Flow

Thai stocks continue to gain momentum from buying in Defensive in the power plants and communications sector. But there is a selling force to make a profit. Energy-Petrochemical Stocks and a group of banks whose prices have risen

TISCO Securities released an analysis that has a more positive view on KTB shares after strong asset quality. with only 4% of total loans in 2Q, but the least favorite among the big banks Due to low risk tolerance (coverage ratio lower than BBL) and lower profit margin than other cyclical banks (Growth lower than SCB and KBANK) KTB is expected to outperform the SET but still worse than the group. We recommend “HOLD” with a reasonable value of Bt12.10.

while Asia Plus Securities Looking at the overall picture of the Covid-19 problem in Thailand, it looks better, resulting in foreign funds flowing into Thai shares since August 23, with a value of 15 billion baht, as well as funds and brokerage portfolios that bought 9.7 billion net baht and 2.6 billion baht, respectively, supporting the SET Index, an increase of more than 80 points or 5.2%, the highest in the world.

and in a situation where Thai monetary policy is still necessary It is likely that the Search For Yield of domestic investors will continue to support the index. As for the Valuation corner, Asia Plus maintains the index target at 1670 points under EPS64F at 73.6 baht/share and the 1-year Bond Yield at 0.5% with Market Earning Yield. Gap. at 3.9%, while the current index at 1,633.7 points, there is a Market Earning Yield Gap. at 4%, which is still attractive for investment and attracts excess liquidity.

Although the SET Index is currently moving up close to the Covid-19 period, the second wave has relaxed at 1,642.8 points, but if considering individual shares There are still many big stock companies whose prices are still much lower than that period. Should be a Fund Flow target in the next phase, Asia Plus is looking for 25 big stocks in the SET100 at the Laggard price from the Covid-19 period. The 2nd wave is the most.

Based on Laggard and selected stocks with high beta (>1), they are expected to recover faster than other stocks when fund flow is supported, such as STEC, SPRC, TOP, MAJOR, KTC, CRC, TTB, SAWAD, AOT. , PTT, PTTEP and VGI can choose to invest, especially TOP, SAWAD, TTB, KTC. Profit next year will recover higher than the period before Covid-19 in early 63.

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