“Tatito” Hernández on possible abortion project: “I see it difficult to approve it”

The president of the House of Representatives, Rafael “Tatito” Hernández, sees difficult the possibility of passing a bill to regulate abortion in Puerto Rico and assures that this discussion “had already been overcome.”

“I see it very difficult. That issue had been overcome and the privacy of the woman must be respected. If the project arrives, it will be carried out, but I see it difficult for it to be approved,” said the newly released chamber president in interview with WIAC radio station.

Hernández’s expressions arise after the spokesperson for the Dignity Project, Joanne Rodríguez Veve, voted in favor of the presidency of the popular José Luis Dalmau in the Senate and indicated that he promised to consider a project to regulate abortion.

In a post on his Facebook page, Rodríguez Veve listed the reasons why he voted in favor of the Senator of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), among which was: “Give way to measures to regulate abortion and protect life both of children in the womb and of expectant mothers “.

Related note:

In an interview with Julio Rivera Saniel on Radio Isla 1320, the senator of Proyecto Dignidad spoke about her conversation with the now president of the Senate and indicated that: “I asked him if he would be willing to promote legislation to protect the baby in the mother’s womb and regulate abortion. The senator answered yes. I let him know that his answer had been defining to give him the vote ”.

For his part, the alternate spokesman for the New Progressive Party (PNP), Carmelo Ríos, also does not believe that there is an environment to revisit the abortion issue in Puerto Rico.

“I am one of those who believe, in Roe v. Wade, because it leaves the decision to the woman about her body. I believe there will be no environment to revisit this issue. I do not see how the measure can be approved in the Senate. I am against, “he said in an interview with WIAC.


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