«Tatort: ​​Züri brännt»: TV review of the SRF production

The final minutes are emblematic of the first “Tatort” in Zurich: In “Züri brännt” the perpetrator is none other than the person who has stepped down from the police. And of course in the final scene he chases the last bullet of the evening into his own head. When they literally shoot the powder in the premiere and, of course, sacrifice the best actor, Roland Koch (61), the exhausted viewer rightly asks the anxious question of what will come in the next episodes and years.

That this ending could be an allusion to the very first Swiss “crime scene” from 1990, when Mathias Gnädinger (1941–2015) committed suicide as a detective and perpetrator, remains an assumption. And most of what the scriptwriters Stefan Brunner (44) and Lorenz Langenegger (40) serve us is similarly confused and over-motivated: Instead of the new investigators – Anna Pieri Zuercher (41) as Isabelle Grandjean and Carol Schuler (33) as Tessa Ott – Seriously introducing them and enabling identification, they quickly become involved in a predictable and clichéd divendual duel. “We want to conquer the heart of the German audience,” said SRF fiction manager Urs Fitze (63) in advance. But how can you like someone, or at least understand them, if you don’t know them at all?

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