“Tatort” today from Zurich: New team, old story

“Tatort” from Switzerland
The new team from Zurich comes up – with a very old story

Isabelle Grandjean (Anna Pieri Zuercher, left) and Tessa Ott (Carol Schuler) investigate in the new “Tatort” from Zurich.

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Starting shot for the new “Tatort” team from Zurich. In their first case, investigators Grandjean and Ott descend deep into the 1980s to solve contemporary crimes.

  • 3 out of 5 points
  • Great team, tough case: a debut that still leaves room for improvement

What’s the matter?

Profiler Tessa Ott (Caro Schuler) probably imagined her first day at work differently: She has to solve the murder of an unidentified man who is found set on fire on Lake Zurich. Together with her new colleague Isabelle Grandjean (Anna Pierie Zuercher), she comes across traces that lead to contested Zurich in the 1980s. Shortly afterwards, during her boss’ farewell party, the skull of a woman who disappeared 40 years ago is handed over. It is very likely that both cases are related. But there are indications that police officers are also involved.

Why is this “crime scene” worthwhile?

In contrast to the previous episodes from Lucerne, the new “Tatort” from Zurich goes much deeper into Swiss culture and history. It starts with the fact that the Alemannic is very present here. And then the first case took on a defining time for this country: The youth riots, triggered by the so-called “opera house riots” on 30./31. May 1980. They form the background for the murder investigation.

What bothers?

As praiseworthy as the plan to work up the history in “Tatort” is, the implementation in the first episode is just as unfortunate. Because here all people are new and have to be introduced with their personal backgrounds. This complicated undertaking is now additionally loaded with a lot of information about what happened 40 years ago. It is told by people then and now who are all alien to the viewer – this creates no emotions, but the latent feeling of being overwhelmed.

The commissioners?

A classic constellation: Profiler Tessa Ott is new to the specialist group “Leib und Leben”, as the homicide squad is called in Switzerland, and Isabelle Grandjean does not exactly welcome her with open arms. Because Ott comes from an influential family – her new job, not her performance, but her good relationships. And then she also hides relevant information from her colleague. As complicated as the relationship between the two investigators is, the potential that this duo harbors is as great: These two strong women are an asset to television.

Switch on or off?

A debut that gives an inkling of the great deeds ahead: tune in.

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