“Tatort” today with Ulrich Tukur: The double Murot

“Tatort” with Ulrich Tukur
The double Murot: Even during the holidays, the killing doesn’t stop

Commissioner Murot (Ulrich Tukur) investigates undercover as Walter Boenfeld

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Murot is on vacation and just wants to relax. But then he meets a man who is exactly like him – and who a little later is brutally murdered. The commissioner begins to investigate undercover.

  • 4 out of 5 points
  • Opinions often differ at the “crime scenes” with Ulrich Tukur. “Monsieur Murot’s vacation” turned out to be calmer than the previous cases, and there were “only” two deaths

What’s the matter?

Even a commissioner sometimes needs a vacation. The Wiesbaden investigator Felix Murot (Ulrich Tukur) travels to the Taunus to spend a few days vacation there. On the terrace of his hotel he meets a man who looks very similar to him: Walter Boenfeld, a local used car dealer with a penchant for luxurious gold jewelry and brightly colored shirts. The two men start a conversation and end up in Boenfeld’s sauna after plenty of bottles of wine. There the car dealer reveals to the inspector that he fears for his life. “I’m afraid of my wife. I’m afraid that she will kill me,” says Boenfeld. In fact, he was found dead on the road the next morning – in Murot’s clothes. Because in the alcohol intoxication the men had swapped things the night before. Murot wakes up in Boefeld’s house and decides to stay in this role to investigate undercover.

Why is the “crime scene” worthwhile?

The title gives it away: “Monsieur Murot’s vacation” is of course an allusion to the Jacques Tati film “Monsieur Hulot’s vacation”. And Erich Kästner’s work “Das doppelte Lottchen” is also used here. It is not the first time that classic films have been cited in Commissioner Murot’s cases. In 2019, the remake of the John Carpenter thriller “Assault” was shown with “Attack on Guard 08”, and the case “Murot and the Groundhog” paid homage to the film “Groundhog Day”. The screenwriters Grzegorz Muskala and Ben Braeunlich have succeeded in creating a cleverly constructed story this time as well, and the lead actor Ulrich Tukur shines in a double role. There are also wonderful pictures of a carefree summer, when people enjoyed life in the sun, met for a barbecue in the garden or a picnic outdoors. The “crime scene” was filmed in summer 2019 – before the corona pandemic. This now seems almost as far away as Jacques Tati’s work from 1953.

What bothers?

The story picks up speed at the beginning, but at the end the tension clearly fizzles out. Especially since it is clear early on who has car dealer Walter Boenfeld on the conscience – even Murot’s undercover investigations do not bring a surprising turnaround. And compared to the original, the “Holidays of Monsieur Murot” unfortunately lacked the joke. The little antics and punch lines that make up “Hulot” are largely missing in “Tatort”.

The inspector?

“Who knows, maybe I’ll return to you as someone else,” writes Inspector Murot to his assistant Magda Wächter (Barbara Philipp) in a postcard. In fact, the otherwise so brittle investigator shows himself from a different side during his vacation. Suddenly he’s emotional and empathetic. Which of course is also due to his role, which Murot plays as an undercover agent, but which he is increasingly enjoying.

Switch on or off?

The film enables what most are currently denied: a little break from stressful everyday life. Switch on and dream of summer holidays in the Taunus.

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