Tattoo industry takes off again after pandemic break

To cure the ills of the pandemic, ink lovers have not hesitated to continue to book with their tattoo artist despite the closures linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, informs the Washington Post. As a result, the order books are full, sometimes until 2022.

Already one in two Americans has a tattoo, and the full reservation calendars bear witness to it: the tattoo industry has not had its last word. “Americans are looking for a form of therapeutic expression to exorcise this year struck by loneliness and mourning. Result : reservations and receipts jump ”, report it Washington Post.

The restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic have upset mentalities. “At the start of the pandemic, I experienced difficult times psychologically and religiously”, tells the American daily Kaithy Rade, student. Daniel Berrigan, a Jesuit priest, pacifist and activist from the 1960s, brought her out of this spiritual impasse. A drawing of him, his hands cuffed, will be his first tattoo, for that, appointment at the end of May, after his second dose of vaccine.

“These people have been deprived of physical contact for months, even a


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