Tatum carries Boston, Golden State, Chicago and Phoenix go on

Aurélie SACCHELLI, Media365, published on Saturday, November 20, 2021 at 7:56 AM

Nine NBA games were on the program for the night, and notably saw the victories of Golden State, Phoenix and Chicago, the attractions of the start of the season, but also the losses of the Los Angeles teams: the Lakers in Boston and the Clippers in New Orleans.

Poster of the night: Phoenix – Dallas

The second of the Western Conference received the fourth this Friday, and the logic was respected. In front of the 17,071 Footprint Center fans, Phoenix defeated Dallas 112-104, for an eleventh straight victory, the franchise’s longest streak since the 2006-07 season, which ended with a half. Conference final. The reigning NBA vice-champions, already winners of Dallas on Wednesday (105-98) waited until the end of the match to break away, facing the solid Mavericks despite the absence of Luka Doncic (ankle). There were indeed no less than 19 changes of leaders during this meeting and the Texans, led by a great Kristaps Porzingis (23pts, 12rbds), still led 86-84 with 10’18 from the end. But the Suns reacted with a 10-0 in three minutes and Dallas never made it back into the game. Phoenix delivered a solid collective performance, with six players at 10 points or more, including 19 for Mikal Bridgs and Devin Booker (18pts, 14rbds for Chris Paul). It is not enough for them (yet) to be leaders in the West, but this start to the season is really excellent.

MVP of the night: Jayson Tatum

After missing eight games due to an abdominal injury, LeBron James was back on Friday for the clash between Boston and the Lakers. But he got stolen from the limelight by Jayson Tatum. The 23-year-old winger greatly contributed to the Celtics’ wide 130-108 victory, registering 37 points (13 of 26 on shots including 4/9 on 3pts) and taking 11 rebounds, under the eyes of two legends of the franchise. , Bill Russell and Paul Pierce. Anthony Davis’ Lakers (31pts, 6rbds) and LeBron James (23pts, 6rbds) led for much of the first half, but sank in the second, conceding a 33-21 then a 37-26, against a Tatum who will have scored 20 of his 37 points in the second half, while remaining on the bench for the last four minutes. “It’s an unreal moment to pull it off in front of Bill Russell, given the impact it has had on the franchise and the NBA. And it’s crazy to see Paul Pierce. I remember watching him play and now he’s watching me, ”rejoiced Tatum (helped by 22 points from Marcus Smart and 21 from Dennis Schroder) at the end of the match. The two franchises are now ninth in their respective Conference. Not necessarily where we expected them …

The flop of the night: The Clippers

It was definitely not a good day for franchises in Los Angeles. The Clippers were also bowed Friday, on a ground however less hostile than Boston, that of New Orleans. The Pelicans have indeed won their third victory of the season, with a score of 94-81. Paul George (19pts) and his teammates nevertheless led by twenty points at the start of the second quarter after a great start, but the Clippers collapsed completely, scoring only 26 points in the second half! New Orleans got ahead with a quarter of an hour from the end and never gave up, in the wake of their three players in double-doubles: Jonas Valanciunas (26pts, 13rbds), Josh Hart (19pts, 10rbds) and Brandon Ingram (17pts, 12rbds). The Clippers end the match with 38% success on shots including 24% at three points, like a Paul George at 3 over 14 long distance … To be corrected before receiving Dallas on Sunday.

Frenchman of the Night: Nicolas Batum

Three French people played this Friday, and they all lost. Despite the somewhat infamous loss of the Clippers in New Orleans, Nicolas Batum did not do too badly, scoring 12 points (4 of 7 on shots including 2 of 5 at 3 points) and taking 3 rebounds in 31 minutes. “It’s a night when no one can get in the shots. We didn’t move the ball well in the second half. When you play like that, you can lose against anyone, and that’s what happened, ”regretted the French after the match.

Friday 19 November 2021
Detroit Pistons – Golden State Warriors : 102-105
>>> Stats by Killian Hayes (DET): 18 minutes of play, 3 points (1/4 on shots including 1/2 at 3pts, 0 free throw attempted), 4 rebounds, 1 pass, 1 interception, 1 lost ball , 5 faults

Milwaukee Bucks – Oklahoma City Thunder : 96-89
>>> Théo Maledon (OKC) was not in the group

New Orleans Pelicans – Los Angeles Clippers : 94-81
>>> Stats of Nicolas Batum (LAC): 31 minutes of play, 12 points (4/7 on shots including 2/5 on 3pts, 2/3 on free throws), 3 rebounds, 1 interception, 1 lost ball, 2 fouls

Denver Nuggets – Chicago Bulls : 108-114
>>> Petr Cornelie (DEN) did not play, by decision of the coach

Phoenix Suns – Dallas Mavericks : 112-104
>>> Stats by Frank Ntilikina (DAL): 18 minutes of play, 4 points (0/7 on shots including 0/4 at 3pts, 4/4 on free throws), 3 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals, 2 lost balls, 3 fouls

Sacramento Kings – Toronto Raptors : 89-108
Boston Celtics – Los Angeles Lakers: 130-108
Brooklyn Nets – Orlando Magic : 115-113
Charlotte Hornets – Indiana Pacers : 121-118

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