Tawfiq Okasha reveals the secret of his message to Mortada Mansour in defense of Naira Ashraf

12:04 p.m

Thursday 07 July 2022

Books – Ahmed Abdel Moneim:

The journalist, Tawfiq Okasha, revealed the secret of his message to Counselor Mortada Mansour regarding the defense of Naira Ashraf.

Okasha told Masrawy: “I informed Counselor Mortada Mansour, that if it is officially proven that Farid El-Deeb, a well-known lawyer, will defend Naira Ashraf’s killer, he will defend her, especially since the accident occurred in our country, “Dakahlia Governorate.”

He added: “What I mentioned to Counselor Mortada Mansour was based on claims on social media that if Farid El-Deeb took over the defense of the killer, we will demand Counsellor Mortada Mansour to defend Naira because the two great professors, Farid El-Deeb and Mortada Mansour are great legal figures.

He continued, “People have seen that the one who can confront Farid Al-Deeb in the court yard is Counselor Mortada Mansour.”

On Wednesday morning, the Mansoura Criminal Court, the Fourth Circuit, issued a death sentence by hanging for the accused of killing Naira Ashraf, a student at Mansoura University, after receiving the decision of the Grand Mufti of the Republic.

It is noteworthy that Counselor Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club; He confirmed that he volunteered to defend Naira Ashraf before the Court of Cassation, especially after the death sentence for her killer was issued.

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