Taxi rates in Bogotá for 2021: how much do taxi drivers propose?

After it was published the draft decree with which the taxi rates would be established by 2021, the reaction of the drivers was not the best. They are waiting for more.

Initially, the proposal of the Bogota City Hall mentioned an increase of 3.02%; this, based on the difference in cost baskets between the years 2019 and 2020.

This would imply, for example, that the minimum rate is over 4,200 pesos Y the night and Sunday surcharge at 2,000 pesos, figures that taxi drivers do not know.

Various guild conductors, that has been in crisis due to the pandemic, they spoke with Blu Radio and they indicated that the increase that the District intends is laughable. They ask for an increase of at least 300 pesos for the minimum.

The driver Luis Salcedo told the frequency that 100 pesos of increase is nothing. “They should put their hands on their hearts, the platforms have us screwed up and nobody thinks about us. For that, do not upload. What lack of respect, it should be 4,500 pesos! ”.

In that sense, another taxi driver identified as Hugo Martínez, added that while the minimum goes up 100 pesos, Gasoline, car costs and insurance will also go up.

“It is understood that we are in the middle of a crisis, that everyone is bad, but so are taxi drivers. It’s just that [la tarifa] raise 400 pesos, “said Freddy Bautista.

For now, with the District’s proposal, taxi fares in Bogotá would remain like this

  • Minimum race: 4,200 pesos.
  • Unit value per 100 meters: 85 pesos.
  • Flagzo or start: 2,400 pesos.
  • For every 24 seconds of waiting: 85 pesos.
  • Surcharge to and from the airport: 4,200 pesos.
  • Night and Sunday surcharge: 2,000 pesos.
  • Door to door service: $ 800.
  • Surcharge to the terminal: $ 500.
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Those who want to participate in defining the increase can do so in the Secretariat website, where opinions, suggestions and proposals will be received.


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