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Taylor steps down by ‘stitching’ history in Kiwis cricket 1 | Taylor Retirement

Nathan Azil, Chris Keynes, Chris Harris, Stephen Fleming, Daniel Vettori … Ross Taylor appeared in the Kiwis jersey as the successor to these players who marked the New Zealand team on the cricket map in the late nineties. Taylor, who single-handedly sewn the victory through the greats, later became the faithful guardian of the New Zealand midfield. Taylor’s fall from international cricket for more than a decade is a part of the history of New Zealand cricket. He is one of the best batsmen to ever play for New Zealand.

He made his debut for the Kiwis in 2006 when he retired at the age of 38, earning him the distinction of having scored the most runs in Tests and ODIs for his country. He has worn the Kiwis jersey 445 times and scored 18,074 runs. Everything Taylor’s bat touches is a New Zealand record. He leads the way with 7584 Test runs and 8581 ODI runs.

21 ODI centuries and a total of 40 centuries are yet to be surpassed. Taylor became the first international to complete 100 matches in Tests, ODIs and Twenty20s.


Looking at Taylor’s career, one can get a first-hand picture of New Zealand’s victories and defeats at the time, but he did not receive the respect he deserved in international cricket. Taylor was not in any of the Fab figures. With the rise of Kane Williamson, the shadow was cast.


But Indian fans will never forget Ross Taylor, who rose to prominence in the midfield, especially in Tests. Taylor, who has twice played in the ODI World Cup final for New Zealand, has failed to win the trophy twice. The proudest moment of his career was his victory over India in the first Test World Cup final.

Despite a number of shortcomings in his batting technique, Taylor overcame them and became a better batsman. He scored 7585 runs at an average of 44.36 in 110 Tests and scored 10288 runs in 233 ODIs. The average is 48.18.

The form is gone and the decision is made

Taylor was earlier set to retire after the 2023 ODI World Cup. But the decision was reversed after the recent form was so bad. 11, 2, 1, 6 This is how Ross Taylor scored on his tour of India last month. The dismissal in the last innings was pathetic. The experienced batsman, who has played 112 Tests, was rarely seen taking wickets in the remaining two days.

2020 has been a bad time for Taylor in Tests. 454 runs from 20 innings. 2 Fifty only. The average is 28.37. He failed to score 12 runs and even 20 runs. From 2018, Taylor has averaged just 25 in away tests. The player himself realized that it would be a burden for the team to continue. Taylor’s contributions will continue to shine in Kiwi cricket, whether he comes or goes.

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