Taylor Swift becomes a subject at an American university

Tell me – The career of American pop singer Taylor Swift (33 years) and the lyrics of her lyrical poems have become a university subject taught over an entire university semester, at the end of which students obtain degrees from the largest American universities, and even in Canada.

Starting from the 2023 winter season, California students can participate in intensive courses (10 weeks), of in-depth analysis of the lyrics of Swift’s songs, which continue to climb the ladder of glory, according to what was announced by the American Stanford University on its website.

**University course details

According to the details provided by the university’s website, and reported by the American “People” magazine, this course was called “All Too Well” (Everything is OK), which is the title of a song that Swift released in 2021, an update of the original version of her song that she released in 2012, within The album “RED”, which achieved great success at the time, made her one of the favorite stars of the public and critics.

This course, according to the university’s website, is part of courses prepared by Stanford University, and provides students with emerging topics that open up new horizons of analytical studies in a scientific and logical way.

The university stated that in each semester, students will be offered unique courses, ranging from ticketing, watercolor painting, musical composition, modern acting, animation, digital art, and many others.

** Not the first time

But this is not the first time that a course on the singer Swift has been announced. The Clive Davis Institute at New York University previously launched a course on Taylor in February 2022, which lasted 3 months, dealing with the artist’s success journey and the steps she took to climb the ladder of fame.

Also in 2022, the University of Austin in Texas provided its students with an undergraduate course entitled “Taylor Soft: The Book of Songs”, as part of its liberal arts honors program, by studying Swift’s lyrics alongside other literary works. Concurrently, Queen’s University in the Canadian province of Kingston revealed a training course on “Taylor Swift’s Literary Legacy” as part of the Cultural Studies Program.

** Honorary Doctorate

And “People” indicated that in May 2022, New York University awarded Swift an honorary doctorate in fine arts with honors, at a ceremony held at “Yankee Stadium”, which included the graduation and honoring of the “2020, 2021 and 2022” batches, for the first time after the end of the pandemic. corona.

During the ceremony, Taylor gave a speech in which she recalled her memories, noting that “the last time she visited this stadium she was dancing in high heels and wearing a sparkly dress, but the graduation outfit is more comfortable and valuable for her.”

** Most notable achievements

Born in 1989, she is an American country-pop singer-songwriter and actress. Her narrative approach to songwriting, which she draws mostly from her personal life, has garnered critical acclaim and wide media coverage.

In 2006, Swift released her first single entitled “Tim McGraw”, and then her first album, which bears her name, which was released on several platinum records in America, and she was nominated for the Best New Artist award at the 50 Grammy Awards, to make this album her First female country singer to write or co-write an entire album.

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