Taylor Swift said goodbye to Travis Kelce and prepares for her last show in Argentina

2023-11-12 22:15:16

Taylor Swift He says goodbye to Argentina this Sunday. Tonight their last concert will be held, after rescheduling – due to bad weather – the one scheduled for Friday at the Monumental stadium.

The fans of the singer from Pennsylvania gathered around the River court days before the artist’s arrival and the two shows she presented until this Sunday. They managed to attract more than 70 thousand people to each concert.

In this context, the production company DF Entertainment, in charge of the tour The Eras Tour, had to suspend one of its functions on Friday due to a storm of rain and wind that devastated the city of Buenos Aires. The same day, Travis Kelcethe singer’s boyfriend, He arrived in the country on a lightning visit.

This trip gave indications that the romantic relationship between the singer and the American football player for the Kansas City Chiefs of the professional American football league (NFL) is serious, since they are together just two months ago.

That same Friday the couple enjoyed a walk around the city and even fWent to dinner at the Elena restaurant at the Four Season Hotel.s, where the singer stays. Then, during Saturday’s concert, Travis watched his girlfriend’s show from the stadium’s VIP tent, along with his father-in-law, Scott Swift, and opening act Sabrina Carpenter.

One of the most epic moments of the concert was when Taylor sang “Lover” looking towards the area where her boyfriend was. Immediately, comments from her fans exploded on social media, who recognized at that event that the singer dedicated the song to her current partner.

At the end of the show, the artist included a modification in the lyrics of the last song of the night, “Karma.” “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me” in a romantic nod to her boyfriend, who plays on the aforementioned American football team. The original lyrics say: “Karma is the guy on the screen”, with which her followers maintain that she has already completely forgotten her past with the British actor.

Finally, the final touch of the concert was when at the end of the show, Taylor said goodbye to the audience and headed towards the right side of the stage where Travis was waiting for her. She ran towards him and they hugged and kissed for the first time in public to the exclamations of their fans.

Taylor Swift in Argentina: Travis Kelce left this Sunday

This Sunday morning, andThe player left for the United States to fulfill his sporting obligations.. This is how Travis could be seen at the Ezeiza International Airport dressed comfortably in a beige jogging outfit and a black cap on his head.

It should be remembered that the two-time Superbowl winner tried to approach Taylor since last July, as he was already attracted to her. In fact, in the podcast he has with his brother, NFL player Jason Kelce revealed that he tried to give Taylor a “friendship bracelet” with his phone number, but that due to various circumstances, this was not possible. .

“I was disappointed that he didn’t speak before or after his concerts because he has to save his voice for the 44 songs he sings. So I was a little angry that I couldn’t give her one of the bracelets I made for her. If you’re up on Taylor Swift concerts, there are friendship bracelets. I got a bunch of them while there, but I wanted to give Taylor Swift one with my number“, the 33-year-old tight end confessed to his older brother before the singer finally reciprocated and they became dating.

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