“Tayouneh” .. summoning Geagea angers his supporters and calls for the judge to step down

Supporters of the “Lebanese Forces” called for a major popular movement today, Wednesday, in front of the headquarters of their leader, Samir Geagea, in refusal to summon him for investigation.

And calls spread on social media to gather in the early hours of Wednesday morning, and to close all roads leading to Geagea’s headquarters to prevent him from going to the investigation.

The Lebanese Army Intelligence had requested the head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea, to hear his testimony regarding the Tayouneh events, at its headquarters in the Lebanese Ministry of Defense.

The activists of Qada Bcharre (north of Bcharre), which is Geagea’s hometown, called for a general closure on Wednesday, in solidarity with Geagea under the slogan “rejection of injustice.”

And publications of solidarity with Geagea spread through social media, under the title “We summoned all of us.” There were calls in Tripoli and Akkar to rise tomorrow to Maarab and support positions.

Geagea, through his legal representative, submitted a letter to the government commissioner to the military court, Judge Fadi Akiki, to consider the notification that was “pasted” at the entrance to his residence in Maarab as “illegal for violating the fundamental formalities.”

Cases for the judge to step down

Geagea’s attorney, on behalf of two attorneys arrested in the Tayouneh events, submitted a request to Akiki to step down, for violating the legal procedures, leading to a request to stop Judge Akiki before the Beirut Appeals Court, which will consider the request in the coming days.

The Intelligence Directorate of the Lebanese Army had sent the request to Geagea’s headquarters in Maarab (the eastern suburb of Beirut), where the soldier was unable to inform him in person, so the report was attached to one of the protection rooms of the leader’s headquarters.

The summons said: “Geagea must come to the Investigation Branch of Army Intelligence in the Ministry of Defense in Yarzeh, to hear his testimony regarding the Tayouneh incidents case, Wednesday, October 27, at nine o’clock, as a listener.”

On Tuesday, the Maronite Patriarch, Bechara Al-Rahi, denounced the summoning of the leader of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea, alone, in the investigations of the “Beirut events.”

Samir Geagea expressed his willingness to make his statements about the Tayouneh events, but after Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of the Hezbollah militia.

He said in a recent television interview: “If it is true that the Hezbollah commissioner before the military court asked to listen to me, I agree, but on the condition that Nasrallah is heard first, because the forces, since the end of the civil war, have not violated them, and they are a registered party, while Hezbollah is not registered. In the Ministry of Interior, it has a number of impurities.”

In mid-October, Tayouneh witnessed violence, punctuated by the use of bullets and shells, following a move carried out by supporters of the “Amal” movement and the “Hezbollah” militias, in protest against the performance of the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, in the investigations into the file of the Beirut Port explosion, which left 7 dead and dozens of people dead. wounded.

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