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The website WABetaInfo discovered in June that WhatsApp was developing a 3D Avatar function, and it was finally officially launched after a few months. This new virtual avatar function will be provided to users around the world one after another. The experience of the moderator Huzai is that after updating the program to the latest version, he can set up and use the avatar.

More patterns will be added in the future

As a program under Meta, WhatsApp’s virtual avatar is similar to Facebook and Messenger. After the system is set up, it will automatically create 36 personalized stickers for users to use at any time. Users can also use virtual avatars as WhatsApp personal avatars. If the user cannot find the hairstyle or clothing they like when setting up their virtual avatar, they can choose one at will, because WhatsApp said that more choices will be added in the future, and they can be modified again at that time.

Production process teaching

To set up an avatar on WhatsApp, the steps are fairly simple:
1) Update WhatsApp to the latest version.
2) Open WhatsApp and go to “Settings”.
3) Click “Avatar” and select “Create your avatar”.
4) Complete the setup according to the instructions.

There is also a mirror function on the upper right of the tool for creating virtual avatars. Clicking on it will open the selfie camera, allowing users to see their own appearance clearly, and then follow to set the face of the avatar.



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