Teach your daughter not to settle for half-hearted love


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When you are surrounded by so many expectations about how your life should be “at a certain age”, love becomes very complicated. Maybe at some point you suffered with someone who made you feel that you were not enough and you questioned again and again why you ended up chasing someone who did not want to stay.

We all went through it and learned that it is not worth begging for love from anyone.

Those experiences made you understand that it is not that there was something wrong with you but that there wasOh people who only offer half love and that you deserve much more than that.

Now that you have a daughter It is time for you to teach him that he does not have to settle or stay with that kind of love.

Sometimes the fast-paced life we ​​lead is what causes us to not pay attention to what we really want and need. If we add pressure from third parties to that, we end up accepting less than we deserve.

Teach your daughter that she does not have to meet any other people’s expectations, because everyone has their own definition of what fulfillment and happiness are. And yes, she is free to have her own experiences and to choose who she wants, but remind her that true love is about complementing the other so that they can grow together.

Like his mother, you have the power to guide her But help her by creating a safe space for her where she knows she can come to you when she needs to talk about matters of the heart.

Teach him that he can make mistakes but you should listen to your intuition when I tell her that something is not good for her and that she could be better.

Teach him that romantic movies and books are not always right when they describe a love that is only based on feeling “butterflies in the stomach”, because in real life, it takes a lot of work to make things work.

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