Teacher has not bathed for five years and reveals the changes his body has had, James Hamblin, photos

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The incredible case of the doctor James Hamblin, who works as a professor at Yale University, has amazed millions of people in U.S The reason? The man claimed that he had not bathed for five years as part of an experiment.

As reported by the BBC, the preventive health specialist confessed how he feels after not having bathed in almost half a decade and this was his unexpected response: “Perfectly well (…) You get used to it. It feels normal, ”said the 37-year-old.

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Why did you make that decision?

In 2015, Hamblin made the decision to stop bathing in order to find out what differences his skin would make if he stopped bathing. “I know of many people who bathe very little. I knew it was possible, but I wanted to try it myself to see what the effect would be, “he said.

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What happens if a person does not bathe?

For the teacher of the Yale University, the body of a person who does not bathe will get used to that new habit and will stop smelling bad over time. “And your skin doesn’t get as greasy when you stop using harsh soaps,” he explained.

“Many people use a shampoo to remove oils from their hair and then apply a conditioner to add synthetic oils. If you can break that circle, your hair will end up looking the way it did when you started using those products, ”he added.

Why does a person smell bad when they stop showering?

Hamblin explained that “when you shower aggressively, you destroy ecosystems. They repopulate quickly, but the species are unbalanced and tend to favor the types of microbes that produce the bad smell, “he explained.

It should be noted that James Hamblin indicated the person who stops bathing will go through a regulation process. “Your ecosystem reaches a stable state and you stop smelling bad (…) You don’t smell like rose water (…) You just smell like a person,” he concluded.

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