Teacher in Uzbekistan Transporting 25 Children in Vehicle Designed for Four: Authorities Surprised

2023-09-24 20:57:14

The authorities of Uzbekistan were surprised after discovering a teacher who transported twenty-five children in a vehicle designed for four people.

According to the media The Sun
the woman accommodated the minors in different parts of the car, three of the children were in the trunk, another six in the front seat and the rest of them were distributed in the space of the back seat.

The teacher argued to the uniformed officers who attended the case that this is how she usually takes her students home.

The aforementioned media indicated that a public council in Uzbekistan had convicted the teacher of dangerous driving.

These types of situations occur not only in Uzbekistan. Recently, residents of Norfolk, United States, were surprised to see a driver traveling on a highway with a huge watusi bull as a co-pilot. The authorities intervened immediately upon seeing the particular scene.

The curious situation, captured in images by the local news channel Nebraska Northheast News Channel, occurred on the morning of August 30, 2023 on the eastern highway, along 275.

“Officers received a call about a car coming into town that was carrying a cow,” said local police captain Chad Reiman. He admitted he thought he would find a small calf inside the vehicle.

Upon receiving the call, they organized a traffic stop, in which they found the giant bull inside a vehicle modified to transport it.

Lee Meyer, the driver of the car, assured the officers that the person accompanying him was his watusi bull named Howdy Doody.

This undoubtedly caused confusion among highway authorities, however, Meyer and Doody returned home with only a couple of warnings.

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Social networks were quick to react to the particular passenger, defending the driver with comments such as “necessity is the mother of creativity.”

“Where in Nebraska law does it say you can’t ride with a bull in the front seat?” noted one X user, formerly Twitter.

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