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A teacher who travels dozens of kilometers on horseback to teach her students who do not have how to participate in online classes, was awarded as the “heroine of the pandemic”.

Every two weeks, Cicilia Gatica travels up to eight hours to get to his students’ home distributed in rural areas of the Atacama region, an action that earned her the New Heroes award, promoted by Caja Los Héroes.

Your support and Selfless dedication to 21 students and their families has been exceptional in these months of covid, which have generated important consequences in the education sector due to the suspension of face-to-face classes in the campuses.

This is how this teacher from the Sara Cruz Alvayay School of Junta Valeriano, from Huasco province, borrows a horse every other week and travels up to eight hours to give door-to-door classes to their students who live in the mountains, where many of them have no connectivity and no computers.

“One of the things that has always concerned me is emotional stability and everything related to families. Entering hearts and homes has allowed me to know, reflect and give feedback on the work I have been doing, because from now on it is different ”, says the teacher.

In this way, she became the winner of the “New Heroes” initiative that has been carried out 11 years ago and seeks to highlight those people who anonymously help others, Without expecting anything in return.

Veronica Villarroel, Manager of People and Brand of Caja Los Héroes, assures that they are “very happy that in this version of the initiative, marked by social distancing and health crisis, we can meet many admirable and exemplary cases of people who have come out in different ways to help in a pandemic, and that undoubtedly reflect the spirit and noble heart that the people of our country have ”.

And that is the hallmark of Cicilia, who has always been present in times of adversity. For example, when there are natural disasters in the area or one of his students becomes ill, he will also take classes at their homes.

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The other heroines of the pandemic

The other two finalists of “Nuevos Héroes” were teacher Constanza Prieto (31 years old), who during the pandemic began with the initiative “Less gap” that is dedicated to fixing and donating computers to students throughout Chile, and Karla Pereira (33 years old), a Venezuelan who with the beginning of the confinement left in search of help for migrants who were staying outside their embassies.

The choice of the winner was in the hands of a jury made up of Karla Rubilar, Minister of Social Development and Family; Catherine Droguett, TV host and Founder of Chile Sustentable and Mujer Sustentable; Matilde Burgos, journalist and host of CNN Chile; Margarita Ducci, Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact Network Chile; Diego Aguilera, winner of New Heroes 2014, and Alejandro Muñoz, General Manager of Caja Los Héroes.

“New Heroes makes visible stories of people who have been concerned about what seemed invisible to other people, but who became visible with the pandemic. That is the case of the three finalists and great heroines. On the one hand, two teachers, with a tremendous vocation, worried that children continue to learn from their homes, and on the other, we see a Venezuelan woman who helps other migrants as a way to give back to the country that welcomed ”, highlighted Minister Rubilar at the voting meeting.


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