Teachers will be vaccinated for the start of the school year

A Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine (illustrative image). – ANWAR AMRO / AFP

At Chili, teachers began to be vaccinated against
Covid-19 this Monday. The goal is to reopen schools on March 1, when the school year begins in the country, the health ministry said. And to reassure teachers, students and their parents in view of this return to class, which will also be voluntary.

Schools remained closed for much of the last school year due to the pandemic. Nearly 513,621 people are affected by this new wave of vaccination, among which
teachers but also administrative education staff, school directors, assistants, kindergarten educators or even school canteen employees.

More than half of citizens vaccinated at the end of June?

The country had initially given priority to people over 80 and to staff working in sectors deemed to be at risk such as health, pharmacies, firefighters or even taxes.

More generally, Chile, one of the first countries in Latin America to have launched its mass vaccination campaign on December 24, wants to have vaccinated the five million citizens most at risk by March 30. Two million Chileans have already received at least one injection. To compare, France has vaccinated nearly three million people to date.

Chile then leaves itself three additional months to vaccinate an additional 10 million people. The country has 19 million people. It is expected to buy 36 million doses of vaccine following agreements with Pfizer, Sinovac, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.

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