Teaching hospitals announce the availability of the latest global device for diagnosing heart diseases

Dr. Muhammad Fawzi Al-Souda confirmed the head The General Authority for Teaching Institutes and Hospitals That in order to ensure the completion of the ongoing development process, it was necessary for us not to overlook the most important axis of medical care, which is the medical devices used in the hospitals and institutes of the Authority to provide distinguished medical service.

And he continued: The authority was keen to ensure that the specifications of these devices are in accordance with the latest findings of modern science in all fields, in addition to training the medical staff to work on them and operate them upon receipt..

He added that the latest CT scan machine in the world has been installedNational Heart Institute One of the specialized and leading units of the authority, he continued: This device is the latest, most accurate, and fastest in the world, and it is one of three devices in the Egyptian country and the only one in the Ministry of Health hospitals, at a cost of up to 35 million pounds, as the device is distinguished from the rest of the devices in the world by using artificial intelligence to reduce radiation doses, and follow-up The patient during the examination, as well as high-quality images rich in fine details to make sound decisions more accurate in diagnosing diseases to reach high recovery rates..

Mohamed Abdel Hady, Dean of the National Heart Institute, stated that the device is characterized by a two-source four-dimensional tomography with very low radiation doses, and the possibility of conducting functional examinations of the heart. Cardiac Perfusionand the possibility of conducting functional examinations of the brain Brain PerfusionAs well as the possibility of performing functional examinations of the liver Liver Vulometry and Portography.

Dr. Ibrahim Helmy, consultant radiologist at the authority and head of the radiology department at the institute, confirmed that the new device enables the detection of congenital defects of arteries and veins, the detection of the smallest and smallest capillaries, and the possibility of detecting micro-tumors. Microvascular Tumors and the possibility of examining the coronary arteries of the heart CT Coronary Angiography This is before and after operations to a degree equal to or greater than the diagnostic catheter. It can also examine the heart of children and newborns without being restricted to a specific heartbeat frequency. Rather, it works with a high heartbeat, and this is not available in more than 95% of the devices in Egypt..

Dr. Ibrahim Shalaby, Radiology Consultant at the Authority, added that the new device allows, for the first time, to perform the examination in a very short time that does not exceed a fraction of a second. Renal stents and aortic stents, and it also allows examinations to be performed with a very, very small amount of dye, taking into account patients with renal failure and patients suffering from hypersensitivity, as well as through it it is possible to examine patients who suffer from obesity, the elderly, patients with intensive care or uncooperative patients without anesthesia.

Cardiology diagnostic devices

side of the hardware
side of the hardware

Cardiology diagnostic device
Cardiology diagnostic device

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