Team GO Rocket is back and peeking out from above with hot air balloons [Update!] • Nintendo Connect

Update at 00:00 a.m .: In the meantime, the Pokémon GO-Blog updated with relevant information.

Mysterious balloons appear everywhere in the sky and of course Team GO Rocket is behind them! During the balloon invasion by Team GO Rocket, you can fight these villains anywhere on the map. Look for balloons in the sky and fight the bully and bosses of Team GO Rocket. Maybe you will even meet Giovanni! They appear to appear every few hours, but they could show up more often during acquisitions.

1. Tap a balloon to fight Team GO Rocket: Prepare for a challenge! Tap a Team GO Rocket balloon, select your battle team, and fight Team GO Rocket to save Crypto Pokémon. Team GO Rocket’s balloons float around the map for a short time. Act quickly, otherwise they will fly away!

2. Put on your Rocket radars to find balloons with the Team GO Rocket bosses: If you put on a rocket radar, you can find the balloons controlled by Sierra, Cliff or Arlo.

3. Put on your super rocket radars to find Giovanni: Apparently even the leader of Team GO Rocket himself uses these Team GO Rocket balloons! If you put on and activate a Super Rocket radar, you can certainly track down Giovanni’s balloon.

Update at 11:15 p.m .: The hot air balloons are now also visible to players from level 35! Further level cuts should follow shortly.

Niantic has a new function for Pokémon GO-Trainer at level 40 unlocked. This focuses on Team GO Rocket and their hot air balloons, most recently also in the topic Professor Willows Bericht were. Coaches around the world “accidentally” received an email from Team GO Rocket, the report said yesterday, which indicated that something big was planned for today. Now we already know a little more about it!

Everything is slowly coming together! Based on an email that Team GO Rocket accidentally sent, I have reason to believe that they have made advances in their balloon technology and have been spying out locations for an invasion for some time. The first test flight with their balloon last year and the worldwide takeover of communication channels and PokéStops – we thought all of this was ridiculous power games, but it was actually a well-organized series of tests. Did you really work on a plan to use your new technology all the time? Who knows if they can conceive even more! Maybe I overestimate her? Were you just incredibly lucky all the time? What a strange organization. I don’t know if I should be impressed or confused by their unconventional methods.

The hot air balloons appear randomly on the map of all players and can be tapped when they are in view. They behave similarly to occupied PokéStops and allow you to compete against a Team GO Rocket member. Not only the normal bullies are there, but also the Team GO Rocket bosses, who were already known by. The new feature is currently only for Pokémon GO– Player available at 40 and should be rolled out gradually for lower player levels.

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