Tears of Blood gives two concerts in Bilbao: “Hate is protected by freedom of expression”

“Everything is more complicated, strange and expensive but we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel”, comments from Barcelona Still III, alias of Jordi Estivill, one of the three mcs of Tears of blood, popular festive and politically rebellious rap group that has reactivated in the new de-escalation by self-managing concerts like the two that today chain in the Campos Theater, to 5.30pm (with tickets still available at € 22) and the one added at 8.30pm. with the pandemic capacity of 425 seats exhausted.

Arising a decade and a half ago in Masnou (Barcelona), LDS transcended the Catalan circuit with their official debut ‘Si uno no se surrender’ (15), with which they accumulated more than 7 million views on YouTube and Spotify and penetrated further of the Catalan circuit. especially in Basque lands where they have established connections with colleagues such as Glaukoma or Kutxi Romero (Marea) who collaborates on their latest album ‘Vertigo’ (19), whose live defense interrupted the virus. «It is always a pleasure to go back to where we perform most since they started calling you to play in gaztetxes. Then we went up with Glaukoma and we got to know the land and fall in love with its people and its street culture and self-management. I think we have a connection to do with a way of understanding music, politics and life »

Confirmed his ascension with his revalidated ecologist ‘Viridarquia’ (16), Tears chained almost five years on an almost permanent tour of between 70 and 90 concerts a year, for what they confess, they almost appreciated the stoppage and the forced confinement. «We already planned for this year the respite we needed, we just anticipated it and it has been very helpful and inspiring to turn our heads and explore new things», Still Ill points out regarding new songs such as ‘Segunda onada’ (Second wave) that are added to his new solo album in Catalan ‘Allò que mai no mor’ (What never dies).

Backed to the turntables by dj and producer Acid Lemon and guitarist Ramón Anglada, LDS will combine “With dynamism, energy and party” in his doublet from Bilbao, sequencing his own classics, medleys, new songs and rescues from his still last album “inspired by the point of no return outside of music to which popularity and exclusive dedication take you.” “It is a price that must be paid”, Still III sentence, alluding to the central axis of the album very marked by the theme ‘Valtonyc 11/15/20182’, composed from a letter sent from his Belgian self-exile by the pro-independence rapper prosecuted by the National High Court for insulting the king and inciting violence and ideological hatred in his songs. «As he is a friend of always we live the situation with grief and anger for the political manipulation and the attack on the rights of the State. Nothing happens to those who do worse than saying what they think, ”says Jordi, who does not enter into the substantive debate on the limits to freedom of expression and self-censorship derived from gag laws. «I do not have a formed opinion, I would give for an in-depth study with political scientists. I think it should have limits because you cannot make an apology for genocidal dictatorships, racism or machismo. They could tell me that I also censor, but the problem is that hate speech is protected by freedom of expression and that is why the judiciary has just said that the apology for Francoism enters that field, “argues Jordi that in the current situation in the lyrical way he is more in favor of swimming while keeping clothes. »We have the language tool that we know how to use to always say what we want, reflecting on how to do it. There are many ways to shit in the monarchy. With music and art you can say what you want »

“different” rap

Since its orthodox rapper training under the influence of 90s Spanish hip hop (“that’s why Spanish has always been the main vehicle and in our songs ..”), LDS have been drifting towards a Catalan and mestizo rap permeable to the influence of reggae, the rock, metal, soul or Latin music. “We try to differentiate ourselves by breaking the orthodoxy of the bass drum and snare of the bases of rap, providing melodic bridges, sung parts and an organic approach open to other sounds”, Still Ill points out about his hybrid often described as “combative”, despite the fact that his repertoire ranges from criticism, party, solidarity complaint or ecological awareness. A label that they accept although they qualify.

«In the end, everything is pure and hard expression. The festive is another aspect in the group such as, the most introspective or political, We can aspire to stir consciences or sensitize, but we do not try to educate or pontificate, music may not change the world but it can incite us to think, especially if it is accompanied by actions, “explains Jordi, who also avoids comparisons as commando rappers more antisystem or militants on the political left such as Def Con Dos, also prosecuted for his slanders César Strawberry or those linked to the initiatory Podemos Chikos del Maíz. «We can sympathize with some social movements but we would never associate with any party. The institutions are rotten and everything that is done in this area ends up getting their fingers caught, even if you have good intentions; look at how the Cup ended or the May 15 M ». In any case, the LDS coincided with Chikos del Maíz in the irony about their political cataloging in their respective themes “Reds and separatists” and “Anti-system, reds and blasphemers.” “It was like a response to the prevailing misinformation. We were annoyed that even people on the left with whom we could share many things, gave us lessons on how we were deceived in Catalonia without having been here, “says the MC of the quintet that, despite its status” independent, for positioning ourselves in 2017 ” Now he refuses to deal with Catalan politics and the procés in his songs, even though now the pardon to the promoters of the referendum is now a matter of State.

«It makes us bored to see that it never ends. One side decided to surrender and the State took the opportunity to say now you are going to see… Apart from the prisoners, the latest attack on culture has been to prevent them from doing selectivity in Catalan. We are four thinking heads and there are always internal debates at all levels, but Today we see Catalan politics as something far from our reality We try to tell what we live and think from a more personal level»LDS confess, preparing for a summer of concerts. «Until October we already have all the weekends busy with many open-air concerts since Catalonia has once again allowed parties. As we have a place with a studio in the Guinardó neighborhood, we will take the opportunity to do things and work on the next album that we hope to release early next year.


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