Tease your wife! “Pop” posting to “Bai” for the 9th wedding anniversary, thank you for understanding (maybe) thank you for forgiving (hope)

Through a lot of drama, life together Several events for couples “Pei Panwad – Pop Nithi Boonyaratklin” But in the end I chose to foster love. And the family institution Hand in hand and walk together Because both children “Please – Palin”

Recently, Pop posted with the caption on the occasion of the 9th wedding anniversary (28 April ’64) that … “Happy Anniversary. Time passed very quickly. In a moment, 9 years have passed. Thank you for being a lovely wife. Be the best mom of your kids Thank you for your love, encouragement, thank you for understanding (maybe), thank you for forgiving (hopefully), and thank you for always being beside me. Love PS. Thank you for a special birthday gift. ” Come in and send the heart Many congratulations


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