Technical problems on Twitter, the day the 4000-character tweets were launched

Tens of thousands of Twitter users reported technical problems on the platform on Wednesday, saying in particular that they were unable to tweet, on the day of the launch on the social network of a long format which can go up to 4000 characters per message.

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More than 45,000 incident reports were recorded by the Downdetector site, mostly after 9:30 p.m. GMT.

According to the site The Information, the main shareholder and managing director of Twitter Elon Musk has asked the teams of the platform to suspend all development pending the resolution of these technical difficulties.

According to this specialized publication, the failure could be linked to modifications that prevent user requests from being directed to the correct destination.

On the social network, dozens of users said they had failed to post messages, Twitter telling them that they had exceeded the “daily limit” for the number of tweets.

But they reported success in sending messages using delayed posting.

American media have noted that the mention of a limit set at 2,400 tweets per day was added on Wednesday to the Twitter support site.

Other users have indicated that they can no longer use the TweetDeck application, a platform that allows you to view several accounts and lists on the same screen.

None of the corporate Twitter accounts reported the incident on Wednesday, nor did Elon Musk’s.

These disturbances come on the day of the launch of a new tweet format reserved for subscribers to Twitter Blue, the new paid service billed for eight dollars per month in the United States.

Twitter Blue members will now be able to post messages up to 4,000 characters in length, while the limit will remain at 280 characters for others.

All users of the platform will be able to retweet them, including those who are not subscribed to Twitter Blue, the social network said on its user support site.

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