Technical solutions to retail challenges launched from Sharjah Research

The Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park within the innovative financial technology sector (Fintech), continues its pioneering contribution in paving the way for the future of the financial sector and developing innovative financial solutions to the challenges of retail and digital transactions technology (Blockchain), by granting a new license to a company specialized in this field. The domain is a company ZelaaPayAE To conduct its business through the aggregator, to distributed ledger technologies (DLT), where it intends to ZelaaPayAEConcluding agreements that are being worked on in order to provide direct debit cards approved by Mastercard A future-proof feature that features high security, high censorship, and low monthly fees, use and work with retailers who want alternative payment methods.

Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park, said: “We are working hard to build a distinctive and supportive business environment for startups and innovative technology companies.ZelaaPayAEFor her work and research in finding innovative technology to develop new solutions that will help accelerate the integration of retail and financial technology operations on a global scale. Sharjah Innovation Park has been very selective about licensing companies DLT she has. As we do extensive research and study for those companies applying for this type of licenses, with the aim of these companies being able to provide solutions in their field of competence to align with our goals to help make the world a better place? we think that ZelaaPayAE You will work on it.”

This license enables the company ZelaaPayAE To provide additional solutions based on blockchain technologies blockchai Which includes coding, data management and record keeping of inoperable and immutable financial transactions.

As work on this project progresses, work is now underway to conclude multiple alliances and financial agreements to dig deeper with the products and platforms it manages. ZPAE Even in the field of financial technology to enable the exchange of goods through methods of exchange and storage of value.

For his part, the CEO of ZelaaPayAESahel Arora: “We chose to establish our company in the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park due to their keen understanding of the climate in which we operate. They understand the requirements of the environment to test, experiment and simulate transactions, where we can develop our FinTech. In addition to owning

The complex is the fastest growing blockchain business environment in the region.”

He added: “The primary benefit of our debit cards is not in foreign currencies or global transactions, but rather the ability to support systems (DGB AndKLV AndTRX BTC), thus making transactions from coins and tokens to fiat currencies easily, there are many cryptocurrencies and debit cards, but they eventually require you to preload them, and the debit card allows you to ZelaaPayAE Mastercard By spending seamlessly without the need for preloading, through seamless spending APIs and thus enhancing the transaction framework in a way how the transaction should be in its real form.”


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